Hello June!

How did we get to June? By the end of the month, the year will be half over. They’ve told me, “Time goes faster as one gets older.” I’m beginning to believe it. I really like this time of the year…few mosquitos and so many colored shrubs, bushes and trees. Our Bridal Wreath is in full bloom and ever so lovely. The other day one of the Sisters said, “When I was a novice, Sister sent me out to get some Bridal Wreath. ‘I asked where is it?’ The Answer; ‘Right outside the door.’ I looked and couldn’t find any.” She knew those flowers as “Spirea” and never heard them called Bridal Wreath.” I’m sure it is that way with other things, too.

The other day Sr. Christelle sent out a memo that we would no longer be hosting Marriage Encounter Weekends. The Saint Cloud National Marriage Encounter leaders said they would no longer be having them due to low participation. For the past 34 years we’ve hosted Marriage Encounters three weekends per year. The Marriage Encounter team leaders were easy to work with and were great examples of committed partners in their own marriages. We will miss you.

Last evening the Franciscan Community Volunteers spent an hour plus time sharing with us Sisters their experiences as Volunteers the past ten months. What I heard is that is has been a time of wonderful service and many learnings for each of the six of them. They lived with the three Sisters at our St. Cloud convent named “Welcoming House.” Each worked at non-profit business: several that work with children. Interviews are underway for next year’s Volunteers. It is quite a gift to give a year of one’s life volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others.

Thursday (4th) we are having a Bilingual Eucharist. Fr. Tony Kroll will be the presider.

Sunday was the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. With my camera, I walked around our Chapel and found so many symbols of the Trinity. Here are a few of them.

Next week (June 9—11th), we will have our Girls’ Camp for girls finished with 4th, 5th and 6th Grades. They set up their tents in Assisi Park. In case of rain, they camp-out in St. Francis Hall. We are hoping for nice weather this year.

Blessings on your days and be safe.
Peace, Sister Mary Lou

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