Good Ole Summertime

Welcome to the first full day of summer. Rain over the weekend and more today and several more days this week! I was at my brother’s a couple days. They got 2.2 inches of rain early Saturday morning. Lots of the field run-off goes through the middle of their yard. So when I look out the window, I knew we had plenty of rain by the size of the river. For Father’s Day, one of his sons gave him a huge rain gauge. You can read the numbers from the kitchen window! I’m sure it had rain in it this morning.

Saturday, family and friends gathered for a baby shower for the first great-grand-baby in our family. Pictured are baby Julia Kay and her cousin, grand-niece-Abby Samuelson.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a ride in the 1948 DESOTO. When accelerating, that car sounds kind of like our old John Deere tractor. We made it into Sauk Centre and back! I’ve not ridden in that car for many years, so it was a fun trip. On the way home we stopped at my nephew’s home to see the Bear St. Francis. When she made her Profession of Faith into the Catholic Church, a couple years ago, her husband and son gave her the St. Francis statue. Here is a picture.

We ran a little short on the Blood Drive last week. Our goal was 256 units and we received 215 units. That is still a lot of blood! God bless all the donors. Blood is a generous gift of life. There is a special 2-day Blood Drive, Thursday, August 27th (1-7 p.m.) and Friday, August 28th, (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.). The next 3-day Blood Drive is October 27 & 28 (1 to 7 p.m.) and October 29th (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

On Friday, the Youth in Theology (YTM), came to the Motherhouse to tell us about the programs they ran for other youth in their home parishes this past year. These were three reports. These youth did some marvelous programs. This is the 16th year of the program that is run through St. John’s. The Franciscan Sisters are one of the sponsors of this program.

This coming weekend Sr. Ade Kroll will be giving a retreat here from Friday p.m. to Sunday p.m.

This is a nice way to spend time outdoors reading on a sunny Sunday afternoon—in the shade with a little breeze and a good book.

God bless you. Have a nice summer. Be safe.
Sister Mary Lou

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