March 6, 2018

By looking out the window today, you’d never know that everything was shut down yesterday because of a blizzard. All schools were closed. Snowy, icy roads made travel difficult and not safe.  We had about a foot of snow and there was a 40 mph wind pushing it all about.

National Catholic Sisters Week starts March 5th, on International Woman’s Day which is based at Saint Mary’s University of MN in Minneapolis. Because women religious are not as visible and tend to be older, many Catholics have never interacted with Sisters and this is a chance to get to know them.

Last week we had Community Meetings from Tuesday afternoon until Friday afternoon. The main agenda item was to elect new Leadership Sisters. The two pictures below tell the results of our work.  We are happy about the outcome and we pray for them as they prepare to assume their new responsibilities—which will happen mid-June. 

Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday. Set the clocks ahead one hour sometime before Sunday morning.

Peace and blessings on your day.
Sister Mary Lou


December 28, 2017

Merry Christmas.  I hope it is a good one for you. The Christmas season goes on for another couple weeks—until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord on Monday, January 8, 2018. So keep on celebrating! My sister, Rita, came to spend the day with me. Then she needed to go to the farm to feed the kitties.

Winter came with a blast the other day. Today’s high temperature is about minus 2 degrees with a couple inches of snow forecast by the morning. I’m glad we didn’t get the 5 feet of snow they got some places in the East.

We had beautiful liturgies on Christmas Day With lots of singing. For our Christmas Eve Mass, the chapel was full and then after Mass most people came to St. Francis Hall for cookies and hot chocolate and visiting. Pope Francis said, “The joy of Christmas…comes from Faith and from the encounter with Jesus Christ, the reason for out true happiness” (12-19-2017).  May Jesus be near to each of us with His love and caring support.

These two trees are covered with the prayer intentions that our donors have asked us to pray for. So we pray every day of the year-for our generous donors. May God bless and care for each of them in the ways God knows best. 

We have a Blood Drive scheduled next Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, January 3rd, 4th and 5th.  I hope others step up to the plate to cover for the “snow birds” who are trying to keep warm in southern parts of our country.

I’ll write again next year.

I and we Franciscan Sisters wish you good health, peace and loving relationships in the New Year.


Sister Mary Lou