The legacy continues

The radio guy just said that today will be the warmest day of the week. What joyful news!?! It is 9:30 a.m. and it is still minus 4 degrees.

Last Friday the Franciscan Sisters hosted the Chamber of Commerce Friday Morning Coffee event. With the 6 to 8 inches of new snow last Thursday/Friday the number of guests was much smaller than usual. One thing that was sure, was that no one who came had a problem finding a parking place! We were very pleased to have had at least 35 guests, many of whom were Sisters—and we live right here.

The biggest event this week, that I know of, is the celebration of the Founding of our Little Falls Franciscan Sisters Religious Community 123 years ago. Bishop Donald Kettler will be here to celebrate the 11 a.m. Mass with us.

March 2nd is the 110th Birthday of Dr. Seuss, author of Cat in the Hat, Red Fish Blue Fish and many other books for children and adults. I thank God for authors and story tellers who help us use our imaginations and stimulate our thinking.

The statue of St. Francis in the courtyard is up to his neck in snow. Come spring, come.

Have a good week. Stay safe and healthy.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou


It’s winter in Minnesota, and the gentle breezes blow

It’s good be here again this week writing my blog. I didn’t have much news last week and I was busy with Valentine’s Day, too. The weather seems to be the big topic. Yesterday and today are our “January Thaw” and I am loving it…a sign that winter will end…sometime! I’m glad for a January thaw even if it is past the middle of February! And how about those skiers doing all their hair-raising jumps in the heavy snow last evening! I admire their training and strength and daring spirit to go down those curvy, slippery routes.

Last week, one of the Sisters shared this poem with us:
It’s winter in Minnesota, And the gentle breezes blow.
Seventy miles an hour, At thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Minnesota, When the snow’s up to your butt. 

You take a breath of winter air and you nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful, So I guess I’ll hang around. 
I could never leave Minnesota, ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground.

Last Sunday was a day when I would have liked to have bi-location. Four of us Sisters attended the Dr. Seuss’s play, Cat in the Hat at St. John’s. And at the same time the Jelloslaves Concert was happening in First, Cat in the Hat. I was really curious about how they could make this silly little story into a play. They did a very fine job of it. But what I enjoyed the most was the giggles of the many children in the audience during the funny parts. The “sound effects” person was the one I admired most. Just getting ALL the sounds in the right places had to keep him/her very alert.

The Jelloslaves are four musicians from The Cities who put on a very entertaining concert for the Sisters and many other guests. They had several instruments and their own sound system. I hope they come back again sometime when I’m here to hear them.

Friday morning we will host the Chamber of Commerce event, Friday Morning Coffee. This is a time for the business people in town to come visit, have some food and coffee and learn a little about the Sisters. Our guest speaker will be our Community leader, Sr. Bea Eichten, who will talk about the early days of our Franciscan Community. Our Community was established on March 1, 1891…so we call March 1st “Foundress Day”. Our age?—123 years

Isn’t this a nice way to spend part of your lunch-hour on a cold and snowy day?

The “puzzlers” always have something going. This one of the world took a little longer time. Putting a puzzle together is very relaxing for some people.

God bless you and keep you safe.
Sister Mary Lou


In like a lion, out like a lion

Now we are in February…it feels just like January with a minus 14 to start the day. January came in like a lion, ended like a lion and was a lion most every day of the month. At the dollar Store the other day, I saw seed packets and garden gloves…signs of hope that spring will come!

The big event of last week was our Employee Recognition Dinner, program and awards. We congratulate Tim Thomas for being awarded the Francis Award. This award is given each year to an employee who carries out our Franciscan Values in their day-to-day work and service. We have wonderful employees and I’d give each of them a Francis Award, if it were in my power. Robyn and Annie are to be commended for writing the script for the presentation of the years-of service awards. Congratulations to Jan Roering for her 35 years of employment in the Community Relations Department. Here a few pictures from the evening.

Saturday evening we had our Soup Supper. It was great to see so many friends come for soup and stay to visit with their family and friends. We served approximately 365 guests. We thank you for joining us.

Sister Fabian will be celebrating her 80th anniversary as a Franciscan Sister in August. She received her first card and gift this past week. We join you, Sr. Fabian, in rejoicing in the goodness of God to let you reach this milestone.

Yesterday we had the blessing of candles that are used for liturgical services during the coming year. Today is the Feast of St. Blaise. We will have our throats blessed after Mass today. We ask St. Blaise to protect us from diseases of the throat and all other diseases. Pictured is Sister Mary Blasé receiving the blessing from Sr. Elise.

Thursday evening (6 p.m.) we have Taize Prayer in the Gathering space in Chapel. Everyone is invited to this reflective time of prayer and song.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou