It’s winter in Minnesota, and the gentle breezes blow

It’s good be here again this week writing my blog. I didn’t have much news last week and I was busy with Valentine’s Day, too. The weather seems to be the big topic. Yesterday and today are our “January Thaw” and I am loving it…a sign that winter will end…sometime! I’m glad for a January thaw even if it is past the middle of February! And how about those skiers doing all their hair-raising jumps in the heavy snow last evening! I admire their training and strength and daring spirit to go down those curvy, slippery routes.

Last week, one of the Sisters shared this poem with us:
It’s winter in Minnesota, And the gentle breezes blow.
Seventy miles an hour, At thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Minnesota, When the snow’s up to your butt. 

You take a breath of winter air and you nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful, So I guess I’ll hang around. 
I could never leave Minnesota, ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground.

Last Sunday was a day when I would have liked to have bi-location. Four of us Sisters attended the Dr. Seuss’s play, Cat in the Hat at St. John’s. And at the same time the Jelloslaves Concert was happening in First, Cat in the Hat. I was really curious about how they could make this silly little story into a play. They did a very fine job of it. But what I enjoyed the most was the giggles of the many children in the audience during the funny parts. The “sound effects” person was the one I admired most. Just getting ALL the sounds in the right places had to keep him/her very alert.

The Jelloslaves are four musicians from The Cities who put on a very entertaining concert for the Sisters and many other guests. They had several instruments and their own sound system. I hope they come back again sometime when I’m here to hear them.

Friday morning we will host the Chamber of Commerce event, Friday Morning Coffee. This is a time for the business people in town to come visit, have some food and coffee and learn a little about the Sisters. Our guest speaker will be our Community leader, Sr. Bea Eichten, who will talk about the early days of our Franciscan Community. Our Community was established on March 1, 1891…so we call March 1st “Foundress Day”. Our age?—123 years

Isn’t this a nice way to spend part of your lunch-hour on a cold and snowy day?

The “puzzlers” always have something going. This one of the world took a little longer time. Putting a puzzle together is very relaxing for some people.

God bless you and keep you safe.
Sister Mary Lou

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