America the beautiful

Tomorrow is July 1st! How can it be that 2015 is half-over (pessimist’s view) or half-left (optimist’s view.) There are so many lovely things to see in nature. We have a very large catalpa tree near the barn that is in full bloom right now. The big clumps of flowers are so pretty, and the individual flowers are beautiful. The ground under the tree looks like it is covered in popcorn. In one’s yard, I’d think a catalpa tree would be a messy thing to have, but I don’t know from experience if it is or isn’t. Our sandy soil could use rain every couple days…so we are waiting.

Last Thursday evening the Sisters in our group visited “Enchanted Dairy” which is a farm a few miles east of Little Falls. Milking goes on three times a day. It is a big business and takes lots of people to make it go. They milk about 1,800 cows a day. They milk three times a day and after each milking a semi-truck comes to pick up the milk which can be sent for bottling or cheese. I was impressed at how clean and well ventilated the barns are and how contented the cows were. Their brochures says, “Healthy cows produce nutritious and delicious milk. One cup of milk gives your body muscle-building protein and fills you up with nine essential vitamins and minerals.” Us farm-girls remembered having 30 or 40 milking cows, back when we were kids. What a good way to celebrate June: Dairy Month.

Sister Ade’s week-end retreat finished at noon on Sunday. Retreatant went away with a renewed appreciation for God and God’s wonder-filled creation.

Sunday we celebrate Sister Fabian’s 100th birthday. (Most people don’t get to celebrate that one.) Mass at 11 a.m. is for family and invited guests with lunch following. At 2 p.m. she will have an Open House for the rest of her friends. It will be a great day!

Just a few pictures from around here.

Have a safe 4th of July/Independence Day.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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