Look for the Lord’s hands in all that happens

“O God of mercy, we beg You now to protect in a special way those who are in service for the country we love. Bless them and take care of them. If they are tired, give them strength. If they are wounded and suffering, give them comfort. If they are lonely, touch them with Your gentle hand and let them know You are near them. And if it be You will that they should give up their lives for us, grant them a good death, and a home with You in heaven. Hasten the day, dear Lord, when we all may enjoy the blessings of peace once more. Amen.” (Prayer used at the Mass at Camp Ripley this morning.) Celebrant: His Excellency Donald Joseph Kettler, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Cloud.

Sunday, May 24th, I went out to the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery for their Memorial Day Service. It was misty or rained the entire time. It was a sea of colored umbrellas! The Richfield Symphonic Band provided the music. The Grey Eagle Community Choir lead the singing of the National Anthem, America the Beautiful and Abide With Me. I am always impressed by the procession of the flags and the placing of the wreaths.

There are 1,500 veterans and their eligible family members buried at the Veterans Cemetery which opened in June of 1994. There were 420 burials since last year’s Memorial Day service. Camp Ripley is 53,000 acres large.

Our Sister Cornelia Lee (1-2-1893 to 7-23-1945) was a Red Cross Nurse in the Army in World War I. She served in hospitals in London, England. She entered our community June 12, 1923. She was highly educated and worked in many capacities in our institutions

Charles Kapsner showed the third of the five 8 by 10-foot oil-on-canvas paintings honoring the Coast Guard branch of the Military Services. He expects to finish this painting by fall and then he will begin the next painting.

Last Thursday we had CEC graduation for 30 students. Congratulations, students. The Franciscan Sisters gave two scholarships to two CEC students. We also gave scholarships to two High School students.

Last Friday I had a wonderful surprise when Father Paul Wightman stopped to visit me on his way through Little Falls. We met in 1983 when we were participants in the Ministry to Ministers Program in San Antonio, TX. He is 85 and is pastor of 5 parishes in and around Ava, MO. He had been at the retreat house in Buffalo, MN and was heading further north to visit friends and a parish where he worked after our San Antonio time.

Tuesday we will have another tour group from All Saints Academy visiting us and learning about who the Franciscan sisters are and some of our ministries.

Gardeners are busy in the community Gardens south of the Motherhouse. It’s good to see them so enjoying work in their little spot.

Sister Ruth’s plant sale is going on these days. I saw lots of healthy tomato and pepper plants, There are still many plants left if you want to purchase some.

Have a good week filled with many good things. Look for the Lord’s hands in all that happens. 

Peace and blessings on you.
Sister Mary Lou

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