Spring is around the corner

Sounds like the “lion” of March will come tonight and be out of here by noon tomorrow. We are 30 inches below average in snow so far this year. Last week, Sr. Donna just finished putting this 1,000 piece puzzle together. Since snow is forecast for tonight, I decided this was a good time to publish the picture.

Yesterday was a special day for us. It was our Founding Day…the day we became the “Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Little Falls, Minnesota.” That title was later shortened to “Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota” because the other title was too long for the computer. At least that’s the story I heard. Bishop Donald Kettler came to preside at our 11 a.m. Mass and then joined us for a festive dinner.

Later in the afternoon, I went out to the cemetery to thank the 12 Sisters buried there for founding our Community 124 years ago. We claim 16 founding Sisters, but only twelve are buried here. Four are buried in Rock Island, Illinois. Early in our history, they went to Rock Island to start a hospital and then they just stayed there and started a new community. And again, that is how I remember the story.

The three dwellings pictured here are the first homes the Sisters lived in. The log cabin is in Bell Prairie. The Slab Shanty was on our campus and the Sisters lived in it until Hurrle Hall was constructed.

Last Wednesday, our Dining Adventure was Washington State. We had halibut and salmon as two of the foods from that area.

On Wednesday, Sr. Elise will have the second of her three Lenten presentations. “Lent: A Sacramental Journey into Easter” is this week’s topic.

Thursday is Taize Prayer at 6 p.m.

Stations of the Cross are at 3:30 on Friday.

Saturday from 9 to about 3 p.m. is the Lenten Reflection Day. The presenter is Sister Michelle L’Allier. You are invited to join us.

March 8 to 14 is National Catholic Sister’s Week. Let us praise God and thank the Sisters who have done so much service throughout the world—for the glory of God. I am grateful for my vocation--for my calling to the Little Falls Franciscan Community.

Remember to “spring the clock ahead” sometime before Sunday Morning.

Blessings on you and those you love during this second week of Lent.
Sister Mary Lou

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