It's a sign of Spring

It feels like SPRING outside. I like it! Now I’m waiting for the first dandelion.

This is National Catholic Sisters Week. God bless all Catholic Sisters and the MANY good woks Sisters do every day. We serve many people each day and MANY people serve us each day, too! Thank you.

At 9 a.m. on Thursday we will have an Appreciation Treat in the dining room to celebrate Sisters. It was a nice surprise to see that note on the weekly bulletin. I plan on being there.

Fourteen members of the Benton County Home Ec. Committee were guests at St. Francis Center over the weekend. This was the 18th year these ladies have been coming for a busy weekend of sewing. Two of the projects they were working on were of particular interest to me. Some ladies were making cloth bowls…very lovely. One lady was making what is called a “Calendar Quilt.” I had never seen anything like this…very beautiful and oh so intricate. (And I would never attempt that project.) The ladies are so happy and eager to show their work. Thanks, ladies. The Fourteen sewers all had very colorful lips and called themselves “KISS” for Keep it Simple, Sisters.” Five of the ladies were blood sisters.

Sister Michelle led a Lenten Day of Reflection on Saturday. The theme of the day was: “The Lenten Journey: Preparing our Hearts for Love.” There were about 60 people in attendance. It was a great day. Thanks, Sr. Michelle.

COACT (Citizens Organized Acting Together) met here on Saturday. This group focuses on Social Justice Issues. Sister Ruth is a member.

March is Food Shelf Drive month. Every department has a container for donations. Thanks to all generous donors.

Wednesday evening (6:30 p.m.) is Sr. Elise’s third and last presentation: “Lent: A Sacramental Journey into Easter.” Sr. Elise is such a good presenter and her material is so uplifting. We have about 60 people attending each evening…and that does not include all the Sisters watching on closed-circuit TV.

The Red Cross Blood Mobile will be here Tuesday, March 31 (1 to 7 p.m.), Wednesday April 1st (1 to 7 p.m.) and Thursday, April 2nd (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Donating blood would be a great Holy Week activity.

There is always a puzzle on the Mail Room table for folks to work on. Here, Sr. Joel is intently looking for the “just right piece.” Many Sisters and Employees enjoy being able to find at least one piece to fit into the picture.

In Chapel last week one day, the dead branches all sprouted big pussy willows…another sure sign of spring. A week ago, I posted a picture of the so-called dead branches. And now in a week they are filled with fuzzy pussy willows! I am always so amazed at how nature works.

Peace and blessings to you this Third Week of Lent.
Sister Mary Lou

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