God’s Presence is always with us

Here we are into the fifth week of Lent. We got no snow from what was predicted for yesterday and last night. Pictures from my sister, Cecelia, show they got quite a bit snow in the Kandiyohi/Willmar area. Most days this week look like we could receive moisture…which we will be very happy to receive. One of the last days of winter I took this picture of a beautiful sunrise.

The Little Falls Chamber of Commerce has a monthly event called “Friday Morning Coffee.” Last Friday it was hosted at the Little Falls Zoo. The ending event was to watch how the trainers are training the bobcats and tigers to come to the fence on command and then get a meat treat when they come. We really do have a nice zoo. It is a worthwhile stop when you have hours that you want to use productively.

The palms came last Thursday so we are ready for Palm Sunday …and some of us will be doing some palm weaving activities. Our Sister Cecilia was a great one for teaching palm weaving. She wrote a book and shows MANY different things that can be done with palm branches. As I child, I just remember the dried palm branches on a shelf in our home. Palm branches are a sacramental—blessed objects that dispose us to receive grace and remind us of God’s Presence with us.

I’ve not seen my first robin, though many others have. I’m still looking for the first dandelion.

Short blog this week. Last week’s blog has the listing of events happening on campus.

The Lord give you peace,
Sister Mary Lou

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