Pray it with me

Have a wonderful day on the last day of summer—until 9:29 tonight. There are beautiful red and yellow trees and bright patches of sumac along the road sides. I saw them Saturday when I drove to Brainerd for our monthly Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) meeting.

Then we saw beautiful scenery again on Sunday when we traveled to Morris for the 100th Anniversary of St. Mary’s School. Many of our Sisters taught there since 1942 when the Franciscans started teaching there. Mercy Sisters were the first teachers, then Benedictine Sisters and Josephite Sisters and then the Franciscans until 2003. The end of June the school roof collapsed because of MUCH water (because of a plugged drain pipe on the roof) and did severe damage to every classroom. Service Master did a fantastic job by working 24/7 in repairing the building and having it ready to start school on September 8th. New floors with new carpeting, new ceilings, new lighting, new cupboards, new paint, the latest technology, all make for a beautiful school. Five of us former teachers went for yesterday’s celebration. I worked at St. Mary’s School 13 years both as teacher and principal.

This picture was painted by Sister Mary Zirbes. It is titles Spring Flood 2014 of the Sauk River.

You’ve probably heard of Nuns on the Bus. This group of Sisters is at St. Bens tonight and going to Duluth tomorrow. Their message is, “We the People, We the Voters!” Mid-term elections are just around the corner. The message is: 1) VOTE Strong voter turnout overpowers the influence of big money in politics. Dollars can’t vote, you can. 2) ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO VOTE When we encourage people to vote, we make sure that the voices of the 100% are heard. Urge and help others to vote. 3) HOLD CANDIDATES ESPONSIBLE When we demand that candidates commit to policies that benefit the 100%,we can hold them accountable when they are elected. When the people vote, politicians listen. For more information see: www.nunsonthebus.org

Several Sisters and others were very busy picking grapes. The harvest was abundant. Soon we will be having fresh grape jelly. Thank you, Pickers and cleaners for your hard work.

This coming Sunday, September 28th, we celebrate Donor Day. We honor some of the many who support our ministries with an 11 a.m. Mass for their intentions followed by a delicious meal. We thank all who support us by their prayers, thoughts and financially. God bless you “in big bunches” as Sister Moe says.

A prayer I found: “God, please help all the unemployed, the hungry, the homeless, all who suffer from fears or hopelessness, those in war-torn countries, especially the children, all who suffer some kind of disease or illness and those grieving the loss of loved ones.” It covers a lot of needs. Please pray it with me.

God bless you. Peace.
Sister Mary Lou

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