Many lives have been touched by each of you

September 29, 2014: Feast of the Angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Saturday night the place to be was at the Barn Dance at the Frank and Peggy Imholte Ranch (8158 county Road 138 St. Cloud). From 5 to 9:30 p.m. lots of folks enjoyed an evening of prayer, food, music and fun. Four different groups provided music for dancing feet. This was a fundraiser for the St. Cloud Diocesan Partnership with Maracay, Venezuela and Homa Bay, Kenya. Some of our Sisters worked in these places.

Yesterday we celebrated and honored our DONORS. It was a beautiful day so travelers could enjoy “AHHH” sights along their journey. The Mass was joy-filled, the meal was delicious and the program was informational. The speakers talked about the many ways the Franciscan Sisters work with children and youth, via music, mentoring and supporting them. Some of us work directly with children in the local schools. Some support the Franciscan Community Volunteers (FCV) and we all support the Music Center especially in the 300+ students who come for music and band lessons and the URock Against Violence Program. We have a 3-year grant to help support this last mentioned program. (Music is a better way to channel energies than through bullying and violence.)

The other evening I was called to come take a picture of a group of former Missionaries. In 1974, Sr. Donna Zetah first saw the Church of San Pedro in Zepita, Peru. She also saw a lady catechizing a group of local children. This young Aymaran woman, Genoveva, worked with Sister Donna and Maryknoll Sister Peg Hennessey and Maria Zeballos to train local Health Promoters. Later Genoveva became a Sister of St. Joseph. Sister Genoveva is now on the leadership Team of the Peruvian Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph. While she was in St. Paul for their Provincial meetings, Sr. Genoveva came to Little Falls to renew old friendships, after 40 years.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Sister Vianney’s 90th birthday. She wanted pecan pie and apple pie as her treat. Both were home-made and delicious. There were lots of butterfly balloons in the dining room. Thank you, Sister, for all the good you’ve done these many years and for the many lives you’ve touched through your health ministry work.

On Friday several of us drove around the countryside to look at beautiful tree leaves. God is GREAT to make such feasts for the eyes in all the beauty we saw. And some of that beauty is right outside our very own front door at Mary Hall. Lots of years ago, Steve Januschka planted two trees from his farm here on campus…and look at this one now!

Tomorrow we will have a retirement party for Steve, age 91, who has been working here 25 years to keep the cemetery grounds and flower beds beautiful. Thank you, Steve, for your example of prayerfulness and loving care for God’s Creation here on the Campus of the Franciscan Sisters. Come back any time to visit.

Saturday is the Feast of St. Francis, our Patron. We will have special Morning and Evening Prayers. Crosier Father Kermit Holl will be presider at the 11 a.m. Mass. It will be a day of thankfulness and praise to a Saint who means so much to us. May St. Francis bless and care for you, too.

Sunday at noon will be the Blessing of Animals at Washington Park here in Little Falls. Thank you, God, for creating such a variety of animals to serve us and be our friends.

Blessings on you this week.

Peace and prayers,
Sister Mary Lou.

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