A good memory!

September 8, 2014- Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Cloud, the patron of our Diocese. At Mass we had special readings and special prayers asking the intercession of St. Cloud on the Churches and People of our St. Cloud Diocese. St. Cloud, continue to bless us and pray for us.

As happens the first Thursday of every month we had our hour of Taize Prayer from 6 to 7 p.m. It is wonderful to see 25 or so pray-ers gathered for contemplative prayer.

Father Deo did an EnLUNCHment presentation last Wednesday noon for Sisters and Employees. He told about his ministry and life in Tanzania. Archives out up a display of items Sisters who have worked in Africa brought home. Note the ostrich egg being held by a stuffed-toy ostrich. Sr. Tonie said that one egg serves 7+ people.

After the mid-70 degree temperatures during the Arts and Crafts Fair there is going to be a big cool-down by mid-week when we can see temp of highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s…and storms Tuesday night on. Time to get the warmer clothing out of storage!

The Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair is now a memory…a very good memory! Most all the vendors that I talked to had a very good experience…and all were very pleased with the very nice weather. (Last Wednesday we had 4 to 5+ inches of rain in the big, damaging storms that went through our area.) As a Block Host, I spent many hours at the Fair. I always enjoy seeing the wonderful, creative items the vendors make. All the beds were used in St. Francis Center by vendors who stayed here for a couple nights. By this morning the city streets are all cleaned and you’d never know we had such a big event and thousands of visitors were here over the weekend. Here are a few pictures.

Have a good week.

Peace and God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou

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