Change in the seasons

Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis: St. Francis had a burning love for the Crucified Lord Jesus and never ceased to preach this devotion. In 1224, two years before his death, when he was lost in deep contemplation on Mount La Verna, the marks of Christ’s Passion were imprinted on his hands, feet and side.

We are past the middle of the month. We’ve had some frost to let us know that there will be a change in the seasons. Is this Indian Summer now? We’ve had a few very wonderful days! Gardens are being cleaned up and wonderful produce is being brought in to storage. Yesterday our friend, Larry Anderson, brought us a pick-up full of cabbage and peppers…102 pounds of peppers and 427 pounds of cabbage. May God bless you, Larry, for your generous gift. We will continue to pray for you and your family.

Monday was the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. We have a beautiful statue of the Sorrowful Mother in our Chapel. Here is a picture of it.

On Tuesday, we had a bi-lingual Liturgy. Father Tony Kroll was the celebrant and Father Deo, from Tanzania, Africa, presided with him. I must admit we are getting better each time in singing the Spanish hymns. (Fr. Deo left this morning to return to Africa after spending a month here.)

Today our Dining Adventure will feature foods from Romania. In size, Romania is just a little bigger than the state of Minnesota.

Last Saturday (13th), was the Fall Day of Reflection hosted by the Associates and Franciscan Life Office. There were 61 attendees—a few more Associates than Sisters. The title was “Fullness of Life in God: The Trinity.” Sister Rose Mae Rausch and Sister Mary Zirbes were the presenters. It was a peace-filled and prayerful day.

On Sunday, the 21st, several of us will travel west to Morris, MN, for the Centennial Celebration of St. Mary’s School. The school was badly wrecked on June27th when several feet of water on the roof broke through the roof and did immense damage to every classroom. The building has been repaired and classes started on September 8th. I am eager to see the re-furbished building. I was teacher and principal there 13 years.

The next blood drive is 1 to 7 p.m. October 28 and 29 and 8 a.m. to2 p.m. o October 30th. Save the date.

Peace and God bless you.
Sister Mary Lou

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