Transformed by grace...Transfigured for Love

Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis…This day is remembered by all Franciscans. St. Francis had a deep and burning love for the Crucified Jesus and he never ceased to preach this devotion. In 1224, two years before his death, as he was praying, lost in deep contemplation on Mount La Verna, the marks of Christ’s passion were imprinted on his body. St. Bonaventure says, “The heads of the nails were inside his hands but on the top of his feet with their points extending through to the opposite side. His right side too showed a blood-red wound as if it was been pierced by a lance, and blood flowed frequently from it.” St. Francis, pray for us.

Last Saturday morning about 8:05 a.m., our Sister Kathleen Kelly, age 94, left us for her new home in heaven. We will miss her Irish wit. One of the things she will be remembered for is starting of the Food Shelf here in Little Falls and for all her care and concern for the poor. The Franciscan Wake is tonight at 7 p.m. and the Funeral for Sr. Kathleen is Wednesday at 11 a.m. May she be enjoying her new life with the Lord.

Saturday was the retreat day for Franciscan Associates and Sisters. The speaker was Jackie Ritter. “Transformed by Grace: Transfigured for Love” was the title of her talks. They were inspiring and helped us recognize where daily grace is in my life…if I am but aware of it. Jackie has been here a few times before and is a welcomed speaker.

Last week, too, Sister Helen and her helpers picked 14 tubs of grapes from the vines on the fence by our convent gardens. That will make a lot of grape jelly and grape juice! (I’m not aware that any will be made into wine. But I don’t know the whole story.)

Processing of apples is in full swing, too.

Yesterday I went to Lindbergh School to read to First Graders for the first time this school year. They sat and listened so well. I was proud of them. The book I read was “Froggy’s First Day of School.”

A piece of new ambiance is a quilted wall hanging above the stair-well leading to ground floor, not far from the Gift Shop. This beautiful piece of art was made by Sr. Mary Obowa. Thank you, Sr. Mary, for sharing your talent with us.

The October Dining Adventure today honors the country of Venezuela. The decorations in the dining room always give a feel of the country…lots of birds, monkeys and fish. The information sheets on the tables give good history and information on the country. I re-learn a lot of history when I read these.

Sunday, September 22nd, is Donor Appreciation Day. About 175 donors will be joining us for Mass, lunch and a program. We appreciate all our donors who support our Franciscan Ministries in so many ways.

We and Mother Earth, are grateful for the total of 5 inches of rain we received on September 7th and 14th. It is amazing how the grass is greening up again. My concern is for the trees which have been stressed for at least two seasons.

Have a good week.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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