Simple pleasures are priceless treasures

God sent us rain yesterday and again this morning. Our rain gauge said a little over 3 ½ inches last evening. And so far this morning we've had nearly another inch. (I just talked to Lisa and she said they had 5 inches of rain yesterday.)

We are most grateful for the rain, but it surely did NOT help the Little Falls Arts and Crafts Fair event on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday it was hot -- 92 degrees. IF one could find shade and a breeze, it was quite comfortable. I spent most of Saturday at the Fair. I had to come home a couple times to re-charge the batteries on my scooter. Again, I marvel at all the beautiful things Crafters make. They have and USE their talents. On Saturday, I saw most of the booths on the east side of the Mississippi River. On Sunday, most booths were closed or the vendors had packed up and gone home. Gina, from the Chamber of Commerce, said, “We are sorry about the weather. We hope your time here was worthwhile. We hope you come back next year.” Tom Epperson (vendor on Kidder Street) was a caricature sketch artist. Here is the drawing he made of me.

We had all the rooms at St. Francis Center rented out to vendors. They like staying here because it is quiet and comfortable…and they can park their vehicle in the parking lot and walk to their booth once they are set-up Friday evening.

Last week we celebrated Sr. Julien’s birthday. She is the Motherhouse Administrator and does a marvelous job taking care of so much scheduling and taking care of so many details so that things run smoothly. God bless you and thank you, Sr. Julien.

Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., we had prayers in Chapel every hour praying for no war in Syria and a peaceful resolution to the violence going on in that country. Violence does not solve anything and just leads to further violence. Please join with us in this continuing prayer for peace in all the troubled spots in our world.

Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., a group of Sisters gather in Chapel to say a Rosary and pray for vocations to the Religious Life. Please join us in that prayer, too. You don’t need to come to Chapel to pray. You can do it from wherever you are.

Wednesday morning from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Clothes Review is having a Bag Sale…all the items you can fit in a grocery bag for sale for $3.00. It’s a good deal.

On Thursday morning we will celebrate Sr. Bea Eichten’s birthday. It’s always good to celebrate, no matter what the occasion, but especially birthdays. Happy Birthday, Sr. Bea.

God bless your comings and goings in peace and joy. 
Pax et Bonum. 
Sr. Mary Lou

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