It truly is a small world we live in

How can we be into September already? Summer is fading fast. School begins tomorrow. How can it be? The elementary teacher in me runs from September to May. In a couple weeks I’ll be heading over to Lindbergh School here in Little Falls to again read to First Graders in Mrs. Hanson’s room. What joy.

On this Labor Day I finished a task I've been putting off for some time. Now it is completed and I can go to sleep tonight knowing it is finished. How did you spend your Labor Day? I was reminded, too, of the many people who would like to have jobs and cannot find work. And I thought, too, about the dignity and value of work. I am grateful that I can still work and use my time profitably.

Last Wednesday I had one of those “It’s a small world” experiences. I took Sr. Donna to an eye doctor appointment in St. Cloud. After I finished my errands, I went back to the office to wait for her. She was in a back waiting room and that is where I joined her. A lady asked her if she was a Nun. Sr. Donna said, “yes” and “That is Sr. Mary Lou.” At which point one of the other ladies in the waiting room pointed at me and said, “Sister Justin.” (From my Reception Day in 1953 until 1967, I was “Sr. Justin”, then I went back to my Baptismal name, “Mary Lou”.) Anyways, Barb Loher was one of my second graders at St. Mary’s School in Morris in 1960. She also said, “I liked you as a teacher.” That was nice to hear, too. Barb now lives in Paynesville. The rest of the time in the waiting room went very fast. It is a small world! Pictured are Barb, me and Sr. Donna.

On Sunday we accepted three new Franciscan Community Volunteers into our volunteer program. These young adults, college graduates, volunteer 8 months of their time working in organizations that help the poor and needy in the St. Cloud area.

One of those 90+ degree days last week, I took a ride on my motorized cart to look at the flowers and gardens just to see what I could see. I saw lots of beauty. I was also trying out my new camera. It has many features that I don’t yet know how to use.

This coming weekend is the big Arts and Crafts Fair in Little Falls. I am Block Host for my usual two blocks—Broadway to Kidder Street and Kidder Street south. Please pray for good weather and safety for everyone. One things I like about the Arts and Crafts Fair is to see all the beautiful items the crafters make. They know how to use their talents.

Pax et Bonum (Peace and all good.)
Sister Mary Lou

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Barb L. said...

Sr. Justin,
You are so on the ball. I think you were like that when you were my teacher back in 1960. Oh the good old days!
It was so good to see you in St Cloud and to meet Sr Donna.