January 9, 2017

We KNOW we are in the season of winter.  We’ve had about 4 to 6 inches of snow the last couple days and by Thursday we should have minus 30 degree temperatures.  We've already had a minus 28 so minus 30 isn’t that much colder.  We can take it.

Today is the feast of the Baptism of the Lord and the end of the Christmas season.  The Catholic Church Calendar goes to Ordinary time tomorrow. Today there are ladders and boxes everywhere as the Christmas decorations get packed away for 11 months.

We had another successful Red Cross Blood Drive lasts week. We received 248 units of blood…another 25 people who came to donate were turned away because their blood was low.  God bless all generous donors and workers who make it possible for the Blood Drive to happen.

On Saturday we Sisters had our Christmas celebration.  With all the activities all around, we have our special prayer, singing from the “Black Books, and goodies after the 1st.  The Black Books are old books containing some of our favorite songs “from long ago.”  Always there are good stories to share.  When I get it typed up I will send out the story of the Selfish Giant.  It is my favorite Christmas-time story.

Next week, 16th through 20th, we have a Sisters Retreat going on… so it will be quite quiet around here.  Those of us not making the retreat work to keep the noise level down out of respect for the retreatants.

Stay healthy and spread happiness wherever you are.

God bless you.

Sister Mary Lou

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