January 23, 2017

Today is the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children – A very good thing to pray for.  In my little reflection book, Living Faith, Sister Macrina Wiederkehr. OSB, reminds us that “Evil spelled backwards is live.”  (I’d not thought of that before.) We need to live life with a positive outlook, free of worry and fear…and work for that same blessing for all people.

We have a new President of the United States.  In another context, Red (in the comic strip Red & Rover) says”…with Great Power comes Great Responsibility.” Let us keep President Trump and our political leaders in our prayers.

I am listening to Party Line on our local radio station.  They just reminded me that next week is Catholic Schools Week.  Catholic Schools are dear to my heart, since my professional life was working in Catholic Schools.  God bless parishes that have and support Catholic Schools.  God bless the teachers, students and parents and their boards of Education.

Last week—Monday through Friday-- we had a Retreat for Sisters going on here at the Motherhouse.  The retreat director was a Franciscan  Friar, Father Chuck Faso.  Retreat participants liked the retreat and I liked his homilies at daily Mass.

Tomorrow evening we have a special meal and program as part of our Employee  Appreciation event.  Many employees will be recognized for their years of  service.  More about that next week.

Next Sunday, January 29th, the Music Center is hosting an Honors Concert.  This concert features 16 of the Music Center’s most accomplished students.  They will share their talents in playing violin, piano, flute and cello.  The concert is free and open to the public.  Robyn Gray, Music Center Director, says, “I encourage you to come.”  I’ll be there.

Have a good week.
Peace and blessings on you.
Sister  Mary Lou


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