The older one gets the faster time goes.

May 31, 2016

How can it be the last day of May and June starting tomorrow?  “They say” the older one gets the faster time goes.  So true!  (Or is it that I just move a little slower?)  Three full days of meetings and Profession of Life Vows for Sister Aurora and Sister Isa last Friday made last week a very full week.

Balloons were part pf the decorations for Vow Day on Friday.  So, the night before, many of us were busy blowing up 100 + balloons.

Thursday we had a ritual to say “Good Bye” to Hurrle Hall.  That was the first permanent building constructed on our campus here.  It has had many uses over these past 125 years: Motherhouse, Hospital, Nursing School, Novitiate, Food Shelf, site for the Wholisitc Growth Program and Saint Clare College.

Last Thursday we had about two inches of rain and last evening we were gifted with another half inch or so.  The lawns are so lush and green.  It always amazes me how the trees can get so full of leave in such a few days.  They make good shade already.

Yesterday’s beautiful weather was about perfect for any outdoor activities.  On Sunday, our Saint Francis Chorale sang for the 2 p.m. Program at the Veteran’s Cemetery at Camp Ripley.  As usual, there was a big crowd present.  God bless all veterans, both living and deceased.

Tomorrow, June 1st, is the Feast of St. Justin.  When I entered the Novitiate, the Bishop gave me the name of Sister Mary Justin.  I used that name for 13 years.  Then after Vatican II we could go back to our baptismal names.  So I changed back to Mary Lou.

The “Puzzlers” finished this large puzzle:  38.5 inches by 26.5 inches.

Peace and many blessings,

Sister Mary Lou

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