A busy week at St. Francis Convent

This will be a busy week here at St. Francis Convent. Starting this afternoon we will be having what is titled “Discerning Our Future” All Community Meetings. All the Sisters have returned to Little Falls for this gathering. I so appreciate seeing all the Sisters from the various missions. Sister Joan Gerads and the Sisters from Mexico are the only Sister we have serving outside the United States.

Our meetings conclude Friday afternoon. The most important event of Friday is the Profession of Perpetual (Life) Vows for Sister Isabel and Sister Aurora. Congratulations, Sisters. Welcome to our Community as full members.

Earlier this month Sister Kay‘s brother died , He lived in California. Because she was not able to attend his funeral, we had a prayer service in Chapel last evening to honor him…and remember Sr. Kay, also.

Sunday we had a Memorial Mass to honor our donors. We had over 100 guests for Mass, lunch and visiting. God bless all our donors—living and deceased. Pictured are Sister Grace with her brother and sister-in-law.

The big Community Gardens just south of the Motherhouse are all tilled and the folks are starting to plant their precious little plots. There are 63 plots of varying sizes, depending on people’s needs.

Sister Ruth has lots of tomato plants ready for planting in the garden. She plants what we need and then puts the rest up for sale to whomever wants them.

Yesterday I went to see if the bees were busy. They were very busy. I got quite near their hives, but they paid no attention to me. With the long row of lilacs right behind the hives, they have plenty of flowers to work on.

Sharon, one of our long-time nurses in Clare Residence, retired last week. We had a little party to thank her for her wonderful service here for many years. We will miss her and her smiley face. She did promise to come back to visits us.

Peace and God bless you.

Sister Mary Lou

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