Eyes brightened with beauty

Below are two pictures taken yesterday about 5 p.m. … the first day of the ending of day-light-savings-time. John Gilbert, author of Minnesota Nature Notes, says that November has some of the best sunrise and sunsets of the year. It sure started out that way!

First, The Blood Mobile report: Tuesday’s goal was 108—we got 90: Wednesday the goal was 89 and we got 93: Thursday the goal was 68 and we got 75. Our total goal was 265 and we got 258 units of blood. That is a lot of very generous donors. There were many “double donors.” God bless each donor with many blessings and graces. This is a real gift to those in need.

Sr. Eileen celebrated her 90th Birthday last Monday. It was a happy day for her and her family.

Some of the Dietary Staff got into Halloween “real good.”

On November 1st, Sr. Joel had a display to remember All Saints. She does such a wonderful job of ambiance-making. God bless all the every-day Saints in our midst.

Sister Joel set up another beautiful November display for remembering our deceased Sisters (7), Priests (9), Associates and Friends and Relatives. There is also a book for us to write in the names of those we wish to be prayed for each day. This sheet is put on the altar for Mass each day. May all those who have died be enjoying Eternal Life with the Lord.

Yesterday the Flensburg Choir joined us for Mass at the Convent. The Sisters who just moved from Flensburg were happy to see their friends. Sisters Christelle, Fabian and Bernarda, were members of the choir during the years they lived in Flensburg. After Brunch the choir sang songs (some Polish ones), laughed and had a good time.

Yesterday I attended a great concert, Civil War Portrait, by the Minnesota Center Chorale at Calvary Community Church in St. Cloud. The Chorale’s singing was fantastic. The two featured artists, Cristina Seaborn (on the fiddle) and Paul Imholte (On the Hammer Dulcimer) were tremendous players.

Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY. Please vote. Some of you may have already voted. Voting is a privilege and also a RESPONSIBILITY.

Saturday evening is the time for our Harvest Dinner. The Menu: Fried Chicken, Sausage, Garden Vegetables, Coleslaw, Homemade Bars and Beverages. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

These are two pictures of very hardy little flowers blooming outside Hurrle Hall. We’ve had some really cold nights and there they were showing off their bright colors. Come and join us.

Have a great week. Will we have snow by the next time I write? I’m willing to wait another 6 weeks.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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