A taste of winter

Our first winter storm is in progress as I write. I picked this little flower outside the Convent east door yesterday afternoon. Now it would be covered by 10 or 11 inches of blowing snow. All schools in the area are closed today. May children be safe this day.

Elections were last Tuesday. Our Morrison County had a 70.99 % voter turn-out. Congratulations. Many times I heard, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about government.”

Saturday evening we had our Harvest Dinner. MANY people came for a delicious meal. The Dining Room and St. Francis Hall were filled with happy guests and then the Dining Room filled up about 2/3rds the second time. Everybody raved about the delicious vegetables. Thanks to the cooks, the volunteer servers and all who had a part in a very fine dining experience.

In the Gift shop, there is for sale a BEAUTIFUL tree skirt made by Sr. Mary Obowa. Each panel shows one of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It is a work of art—as are all of her items.

Thursday is Give to the Max Day. Please consider giving a donation to the Franciscan Sisters. We will pray for you.

Be careful and take care in the snow.

Peace and blessings, 
Sister Mary Lou

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