The gift of Jubilee is a time to reflect and remember

A Jubilee Reflection 

The gift of Jubilee is a time to reflect and remember what has been, what is and what is yet to come.

Last week I was reading a book authored by Pope Francis.

He says: We need to remember our beginnings…
-Our beginning in God
-Our beginning of our Christian Life
-Our beginning of our Vocation and
-Our beginning of our Ministry.

It is with gratitude that I think of my beginning in God which came about because of the love of my parents, Emma and Louie, for each other. It was their care and love that nurtured me and my siblings in our growing up years…showing by example how to love and care for one another and for God’s creation. I am grateful for my family that was and is mine. I ask blessings on all who have cared for me in my formative years…my parents, grandparents, family members, pastors, teachers, etc.

I think of the Beginning of my Christian Life. Because of Baptism, and through the other Sacraments, I/we are members of God’s Family…the gift of Faith and the ability to Hope for the blessings of God in this life and in the next! WHAT A BLESSING! It is God’s free gift to us given because of God’s great love for me/us…not earned or merited, but freely given. God has sustained me in my weakness, trials, fears and challenges. For this I am grateful.

I think of the gift of my Vocation. I am grateful for my call to be a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls. If I had to do it over, I’d still and always be a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls. This Way of Life after the Way of St. Francis and St. Clare, has been and is so good for me. To have the support of all the Sisters who have been my companions these many years has indeed been a blessing. These have been years of giving and receiving the graces given by a God who loves each of us greatly.

The Gift of Ministering as a teacher and principal in the Catholic Elementary Schools had so many blessings in the students, teachers and parents that were and continue to be part of my life. Yes, there were challenges and tough spots, but we've weathered the storms and became better people because of it. The ten years of going with 6th Graders and their parents to the Environmental Learning Center at Isabella, MN stand out in my memory as wonderful times. These were weeks of outdoor and environmental education in the North Woods of Minnesota, north of Duluth.

Through the years, I have become so much more aware of the beauty of creation, the beauty of the earth—its farm lands, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the forests, the animals and birds. It is so easy to take all this for granted. Now I say, “Thank You” to God in letting me see and hear and be part of this wonderful world.

All is Gift..Jubilee is such a gift of affirmation and love. I am grateful for what has been. I look back on the past with joy. I celebrate the present with laughter and love. I anticipate the future with a heart full of hope.

May the Lord enrich your life with every good thing and may Jesus’ love renew and strengthen you.

Thank You for being part of my Jubilee.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

“It’s a Blessing to Celebrate the Good Things
God is Doing in Your Life.”

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