What a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day!  I especially like the longer hours of daylight.  I am grateful, too, for the rains we’ve received.   I will be continuing to pray for seasonable rain throughout the growing and harvesting season as well as for protection from damaging storms.  I know the damage hail can do in a very short time.  Once a farm girl, always a farm girl.

Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Isidore, The Farmer.  My little prayer book,, MAGNIFICAT, says, “Isidore was a pious layman who would pray for long periods while guiding his plow.  He often spent holidays on pilgrimage to local shrines.  There are legends about angels assisting him in his farm labors.  He was caring towards animals and generous to the poor.  Isidore’s wife, Maria de la Cabeza, is also a saint.  He is patron of Madrid, of Farmers and of rural communities.”   Let us all pray to St. Isidore for farmers and all growers of food.  I remember my Dad talking about praying as he cultivated corn or drove round and round the fields in his haying and grain planting and harvesting work.

Last week we celebrated our health service leaders—Sisters Caroline Stoltz, Latona Kalis, Loretta Bloch and Loretta Denfeld.  We are grateful for all they do to care for the sick and keep us healthy.

Tonight our Franciscan Community Volunteers are coming to the Motherhouse to share with the
Sisters some of their experiences as volunteers in the places they’ve worked the past 9 months.  From past experience, I know they have been well received in the work they do.

Tomorrow evening we will have a Volunteer Appreciation meal to thank all the many volunteers who work here at the Convent, assist at Clothes Review, in the Convent Gardens and all the other places where they work.  We are most grateful and pray for you every day.

Wednesday afternoon we will have a farewell gathering to thank Jennifer Basch for her nearly 10 years of service both as Volunteer Coordinator and Health and Rec Director.  She and the two boys will be moving to Colorado where her husband has a new job.  Thank you for your services, Jennifer.

On Thursday we will gather to thank Sandy Katzenmeyer for her 21 years of services as a nurse in Clare Residence.  She has helped take good care of all of us Sisters who have needed her help in these many years.  Thank you, Sandy.  We will miss you.

We have Spring Music recitals again Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If one gets bored around here, it is their problem.

Last Tuesday I attended a program at the Great River Arts Center.  I was the lucky winner of a pot of three beautiful blooming Orchid plants.  This is an easy plant to care for—“give them 3 ice cubes once a week!”  I can handle that.  And Sundays will be the “ice cube” day.

Peace and blessings,                                                                                                                                              Sister Mary Lou

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