Trillium in bloom...

Last Friday I drove to the west side of Little Falls to Pine Grove Park to look at the Trillium blooming there.  What a beautiful sight.  Each spring I look forward to seeing those big patches of white flowers…individual flowers and the mass of them together. Thank you, God, for creating such beauty. 

After my trip to Pine Grove Park, I went to our own Assisi Park, on the south end of our property. I wanted to see the progress of the lilacs.  There was nothing to see, yet.  But as I drove into the area, I saw a pair of cardinals searching for food.  What a joy to see those beautiful red birds in the newly mown grass. With the rains of the past days (1 1/2 inches over the weekend) the newly planted grass seeds are growing nicely. And in the same “driving around” I saw a car license plate that said, “LTITSNO.”  I thought to myself, “Not for another 6 months!”

We have two large statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph that I’ve not shown in my blog before this time. They have been part of our campus landscape for a long time.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Mississippi River had rock showing where I’ve never seen the rocks sticking out of the water. Now, with the recent rains, there is lots more water in The River and I am glad for that.

Sunday, too, was Adoration Sunday. We have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament the first Sunday of every month from after the 8:30 morning Mass until 4:15 Evening Prayer. Things are pretty quiet around the building…and it is wonderful. 

Sunday was also Spring Magic, the dinner and dance sponsored by St. Camillus Place, for mentally and physically handicapped persons of Morrison County. We had another big crowd. Thanks to the many service clubs that help support this venture. Without them we could never do this program. Three of us Sisters are on the Advisory board for St. Camillus Place. And on Sunday we had more music recitals. Such proud students, parents and grandparents.

Tonight, is the Taste of St. Cloud fund-raiser for our Franciscan volunteer Program at the Territory Golf Course Coyote Moon Grille in St. Cloud. Franciscan Community Volunteers is a ministry sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls. I am sure there will be plenty of good food!

In my reading this morning I came across the quote by Cornel West that says, “Justice is what love looks like in public.” I thought it a good one. Let us each do our part to promote justice in our world.

Through the Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, may we be raised up to new life to the praise and glory of God’s Name. 

Peace and God’s blessings on you,                                                                                                                     Sister Mary Lou

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