How can it be the first of February?

How can it be the first of February? We’ve not had much winter so far…a few very cold days and a few little dustings of snow so the ground is barely covered. It should get near 40 again today. I believe in global warming.

Last Saturday evening, Sr. Adela and I went to Pierz for their Buffalo Feed. It is a KC fund-raiser with half the money going to the KCs and the other half to the Relay for Life. As a cancer survivor, I support those kinds of efforts. The buffalo burgers were huge! And they were delicious.

Sunday many Sisters attended the “Empty Bowls Fundraiser 2012” event at First United Church (across the street from the Motherhouse.) This fundraiser was for Oasis-Share-A-Meal. (This group sponsors a free meal at First Lutheran Church every Thursday of the year and they also sponsor the Paint-a-Thon in August.) A group of high school youth made the beautiful, multi-colored ceramic bowls. They were glazed and fired. We paid $10 for the soup, bread, sweet goodies, and beverage and then got to keep the bowl we chose. And besides all that, we had wonderful entertainment. Musical performers I heard were: “The Sobania Strings”, “Sestri” and “As good as it Gets.” About ten different restaurants and “food serving places” donated the soups. And there were many other groups that donated items to make the event a success. The bottom line of the placemat says it all: “Keep your bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in our community.”

This coming Saturday, February 4, we Franciscan Sisters are having a “Homemade Soup Supper.” Proceeds benefit St. Francis Health and Recreation Center and St. Francis Music Center, Little Falls. The three varieties of soup are: Chicken Wild Rice, Beef Barley Vegetable and Tomato Tortellini. Fresh baked cracked wheat and white bread, bars and beverages are also on the menu. Serving is from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at St. Francis Convent. It is “All you can eat” so come hungry!

At 3 p.m. on Wednesday there is a presentation on Human Trafficking in St. Francis Hall. I know it is a BIG problem in our country and throughout the world. I need to hear more about it…and learn what I can do about it.

The other day “they” finished another puzzle. After the two last puzzles that were so hard, it seemed a relief to do one that was a little less challenging.

This coming Sunday is the Pro-Life dinner and program at the Falls Ballroom—another worthwhile cause.

At 7 p.m., on Tuesday, the 7th, are the political caucuses. Use this opportunity to take part in grass-roots politics.

Peace and many blessings on you and those you love. Sister Mary Lou

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