3 degrees: That's as cold as it's been...

3 degrees this morning. That’s as cold as it’s been for a while…and not much snow in the forecast. But last Saturday morning the world was beautiful with all the hoar-frost.

Last Saturday’s Soup Supper was great. We served about 375 hungry eaters who left the table well satisfied. On their Party Line visit last week Terry said they were making 30-gallons of one kind of soup and 25-gallons of two other kinds of soup. As I was thinking about that, I wondered what the recipe for that much soup looked like and also what kind of pot they would cook that much soup in. In the kitchen, we have a cooker that holds 35 gallons and two smaller cookers that cook about 20 gallons at a time. As for the recipe, proportions are a lot bigger than your family-size soup recipe.

Several of us attended the 39th Pro-Life Dinner at the Falls Ballroom. Sponsored by the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life--Morrison County Chapter. The meal was delicious and the talks were very informative. The Oratory Contest winner, Ben Toenies, read his winning entry. It was very well written and he deserved to be the winner! Direct adoption was the topic of the other three speakers. They were the birth mother, the adoptive mother and the daughter who were part of a direct adoption process. It was very interesting.

Today the Sisters from campus who have February Birthdays had a special meal at noon in the Heritage dining Room. They also had their own special birthday cake. Sr. Blasé organizes the event. They had a good time.

After lunch today the Sisters from Second Floor were decorating “Cake Pops.” Yesterday they used special pans and baked little round cakes. Today they were putting a Lolly Pop stick in them and frosting the little cakes. Sister Rachel is admiring the works of art. Such Fun.

Thursday evening, Abra and Larry Fisk will be doing a “Nicaragua Presentation.” They were in Nicaragua for several weeks and will tell us about their venture. They were there at the time of elections in that country.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Sister Mary Lou

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