Paint-A-Thon, Green Fair, Earth Citizen Awards, 75th Jubilee

Wednesday already! I’d better get this blog written before it is time to write the next one.

The Paint-A-Thon was washed out last Saturday. After a prayer, we fed approximately 65 painters a free, good breakfast at First United Church, starting at 6:46 a.m., had a safety talk and sent them on their way. The Franciscan Sisters donated 10 dozen cinnamon and caramel rolls for the breakfast. Most teams were just ready to start work when we had a heavy downpour. So that ended the painting hopes for the day. A second heavy shower came about 11:15. The homeowners and the teams will set a time during this week and the houses will all get painted. I know one house got painted the next day and the grateful homeowner served the team a full chicken dinner when they finished their work! Here we had about 2 ½ inches of rain on Saturday but other places in the county got from 3 to 5 inches of rain. At the breakfast, I met the new Oasis-Share-A-Meal director, Tim Poland. He will have big shoes to fill after all that Carol has done for the program these past 11 years.

Last Wednesday evening we had the fifth annual Green Fair Folk Festival. It was another very successful event. MANY people came to listen to good music, to learn about products and services that are earth friendly, to eat good food and have a good time.

We had many activities for the many children who came with their families. It was fun to just watch the children participate in all the activities and have such a good time. Blowing soap bubbles is always a favorite. We went through lots of soap for bubbles!

Fresh bread with peanut butter and jelly was another favorite. We used 14 loaves of bread (22 slices per loaf). Free ice water was another good treat. Terry was busy all evening refilling the three four-gallon containers. Daryl’s Dog House sold out of hot dogs. His dogs are 100% beef with no preservatives. The buns, too, made at Dutch Maid Bakery in St. Cloud, have no preservatives and are made fresh each day. Pizza Hut ran out of pizza and the dairy Queen brought in extra Dilly Bars to keep up with the demand.

The Second Annual Franciscan Earth Citizen awards were given to Sister Ruth Lentner, Bev Gerads and Gloria Castro. Recipients of this award have shown commitment to living by principles of the Earth Charter. Congratulations. To learn more about the Earth Charter check out www.earthcharterinaction.org.

The booklet given to guest s had two make-your-own laundry soap recipes and the directions for making your own T-shirt bags. At our house we have used these laundry soaps since the first year of the Green Fair. The Little Falls Mounted Police helped with car parking.

Sunday we celebrated Sister Helen Ann Klepaida’s 75th Jubilee. Many of her family and friends came to be with her. We had priests from three different Religious Orders concelebrating the Mass: a Jesuit, a Crosier Bishop and our Benedictine chaplain…and we had a lot of Franciscans in the congregation. It was a wonderful day.

During the Preparation of the Gifts at Mass, a small group of Sisters sang in Polish, “Serdeczna Matko,” a beautiful hymn to the Blessed Mother. They did a fantastic job!

Now this coming Sunday we are celebrating our six Golden Jubilarians. So far I’ve seen only a couple big red banners with gold ribbons that will be part of the ambiance. So we are getting ready for another big celebration. We look forward to seeing the many guests who will be with us for the day.

Peace and All Good.

Sister Mary Lou

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