Beautiful Sunflowers

Outside our greenhouse we have a couple tall and beautiful sunflowers.

Some pretty damaging wind and rain again the last few days. God bless the folks who are cleaning up after all the mess…keep them safe and give them the energy they need.

This Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. we have the Green Fair Folk Festival here on the west parking lot at the Motherhouse. Music and ecological awareness are part of this event.

In 2004 it started out as a concert for peace and then since 2007 we enlarged the scope of activities for the Festival. Jennifer Basch, Volunteer Department director, said, “Care for creation is so important to the Franciscan Sisters that we formed a Campus Green Committee, whose mission was to accentuate green awareness and to “green” the campus in every way possible. The passion of the Green Committee members, combined with the love of music from St. Francis Music Center, blended into this unique community festival.”

Area fiddlers, the U-Rock bands, the Sestri Slavic women’s choir, the St. Francis Community Chorale and other groups will supply wonderful music. There will be food vendors on the grounds, also. One favorite food is fresh, home-made bread peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It will be a fun time for everyone.

Next Sunday we will honor Sister Helen Anne Klepaida for her 75 years as a Franciscan Sister. A Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated at 11 a.m. with a dinner and reception to follow. She has served in the health ministry throughout the years as a staff registered nurse, disaster Red Cross volunteer and public health nurse, and as a hospice nurse. Congratulations, Sister Helen Anne.

Saturday, August 6th, is the date for the Morrison County Paint-A-Thon. This event started in 1993. All volunteers and home owners are invited to First United Church for a 6:45 a.m. breakfast, pep and safety talk and a prayer to send them safely on their way to paint 8 homes. Those homes are located in Little Falls, Bowlus, Elmdale, Swanville and Royalton. I have been a member of this committee for a number of years. The Franciscan Sisters furnish 10 dozen cinnamon and caramel rolls for the breakfast. Please pray for favorable painting weather. Thanks.

Last week, Wednesday through Saturday, 18 of our Sisters attended the Annual Franciscan Federation Conference in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The theme of the conference was “Becoming a Sacred Flame: Francis, Clare and John’s Gospel.” Main speakers were Sister Nancy Schreck, OSF and Fr. Michael Blastic, OFM. Sister Carmen Barsody received the honoree award from our community for the many ways she sparks enthusiasm for our Franciscan charism.

That’s all for this week.

Peace and blessings,

Sister Mary Lou

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