Sister Moon and Stars

Last week’s wooden banner was Sir Brother Sun. Today I am sending Sister Moon and Stars. These wooden banners show parts from St. Francis’ Canticle of Creation: “Praise be You my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars , in heaven You formed them clear and precious and beautiful.”

Last Friday it took me half an hour to get home from work. I drove around looking at things. My first stop was to look at the Community gardens. They are beautiful. All 68 plots are flourishing. I talked with one man. This was his first year of gardening and he was really liking it. His concern was that his tomato plants had too many leaves and not many tomatoes. He said, “I’ll know more about this next year.”

My next stop was at the Peace Garden south of Assisi Park. It is very lovely. The deer like it too. Most of the hostas were nibbled off nearly to the ground. Apparently the deer didn’t like the impatience plants, because they were still blooming nicely.

Next I drove past the bee boxes. I knew there was activity there, but I didn’t get too close. I know it is not wise to disturb the bees when they are busy making honey.

Then my last stop was to look at Sister Ruth’s big garden. It, too, is beautiful. And we are enjoying the fruits of her labors every day.

On Saturday I went to a 65th wedding anniversary celebration for Doc and Emmy Thielman and also the wedding celebration for their youngest daughter, Mary, and her husband Joel. For health reasons, Emmy was not able to be there in person, but her spirit was definitely with us. Congratulations to both couples. Sixty-five years is well worth celebrating!

Have a good week. May the Lord protect all of us from severe weather and give us seasonable rain.

God bless you. Sister Mary Lou

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Anonymous said...

Very very nice blog Sister Mary Lou. You, again, are a gift to us all!! Connie