Into Summer Weather

We are into summer and the weather lets us feel it. May God protect us from severe weather and give us seasonable rain. May Brother Sun help the fields and gardens grow and produce well.

Last Friday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart. It is the feast of our Sacred Heart Chapel. We had a special Mass and sang some of the “old favorites” from long ago. Sister Joel put together another beautiful flower arrangement.

With the close-down of the State of Minnesota, I went to Lindbergh State Park—and sure enough there is a big “Closed” sign on the gates of the park and also the Interpretive Center. I sure hope they get that budget problem taken care of soon. I feel for all those who are laid off…and all the ramifications of the closings.

Sister Ruth and her helpers went strawberry picking Tuesday. They came home with 12 boxes+ of berries. Then up went the note on the dining room door, ”Strawberry cleaners needed in the kitchen this afternoon.” Pictures here are some of those faithful helpers.

Next Monday is the Feast of St. Benedict. We are grateful that Fathers Michael Kwatera, OSB and Luke Steiner, OSB for coming so faithfully to say Mass here at the Motherhouse. Thank you, and Happy Feast. Also, Happy Ordination Anniversary on July 11th.

This is the blessing at the end of Morning Prayer recently. I thought it a good one. “May the love of God, which surpasses all knowledge, fill us with delight for the things that are of God and the energy to spread the love of God to others.” I especially liked the “energy” part of the blessing. Sufficient energy seems like a good thing to have.

Pax et Bonum.

Sister Mary Lou

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