Summer came this week!

June 7, 2011,1:20 p.m. Temperature is 94 degrees. Summer came this week! Yesterday it was humid and 92 degrees here in Little Falls.

I was at a Regional SFO Gathering in Buffalo, MN over the weekend. I was amazed, on my return to Little Falls Sunday afternoon, to see that 1st street was all paved. The end of last week, the tar-eating machines were gobbling up the pot-hole filled old tar…and by Sunday afternoon the new layer of tar made for a smooth ride. Wow!

Last week I mentioned seeing the first of the five painting Charles Kapsner is painting for the Veteran’s Cemetery at Camp Ripley. I forgot to show the picture I have on my camera. So here it is…Charles Kapsner talking with a veteran in front of the painting honoring Army Veterans.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Friday and Saturday we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Franciscan Sister & Associate Relationship. Gerry told me yesterday that there are 90+ Associates registered to attend. On Saturday, we Sisters will have evening prayer together with the Associates Friday at 4:15 p.m. Then after the 5 p.m. dinner we will have a program including sharing by Co-minister for the Associates, Judy Virnig and other surprises. Saturday there will be presentations by Jackie Winter ED.D on “Ageless Canticle: The Wisdom and Legacy of St. Francis.” Gerry Dietz and her helpers put up wonderful posters on each of the pillars of St. Francis Hall depicting the history of the past 25-years. I will need to start reading today so I can get all the history read.

Saturday evening we will have a Thank You party for the out-going Leadership Sisters. The entertainment will be special, I am sure. Thank You, Sisters, for your five-years of faithful service to our Community. Enjoy some sabbatical time off. You deserve it.

Pentecost Sunday, June 12th is also a very special day for us. This is the day our new Leadership Sisters will be installed into their new positions of responsibility. Bishop John Kinney will preside at the 11 a.m. Mass. Thank you, Sisters for being willing to serve as leaders of our Community. We wish you well these next five years.

This afternoon we are having an appreciation Party to celebrate Sister Helen Ann Brake’s 28-years of service in the Development Office. She knows our 15,000 donors—if not on sight at least by name. Thank you, Sister, for your faithful service. She is pictured in the photo (seated second from left) surrounded by Sisters and employees from the Community Relations Department.

Pax et Bonum.

Pray for good weather and a good growing season.

Sister Mary Lou

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