First Day of Summer

This past weekend was a busy one for the City of Little Falls. The Chamber of Commerce’s Dam Days were Friday through Sunday. There were many activities and a wonderful parade on Saturday. And of course the fireworks Saturday are always fun.

The Prairie Point Quilters had a Quilt Show at the Linden Hills Mansions. Those quilters do such beautiful work. On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day. God bless all Fathers—living and deceased. Thank you for your care and love for your families.

The Bloodmobile is coming to St. Francis today, tomorrow and Thursday this week. The hours the first two days are from 1 to 7 p.m. and on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Usually the Bloodmobile is here Wednesday through Friday, but this time it is Tuesday through Thursday. God bless all those who donate this life-saving gift.

Girls Camp was another great success. The girls were disappointed that they couldn’t sleep in their tents. With storms predicted both nights, it just wasn’t safe to do so. But sleeping in St. Francis Hall was OK, too. They painted their lovely tee shirts and took part in MANY other activities, so the days went fast. There were many hugs before departing and some good friendships were started.

Last Friday, 13 youth from YTM (Youth in Theology and Ministry) gave presentations on their service projects the past year. These High School youth took two weeks of classes last year at St. John’s, did a project, took two more weeks of classes this year, and then told us about the great things they did in their parishes as service projects. It is heartening to see this kind of leadership developing in these young people. Over 400 youth have taken part in the YTM program over the years. Franciscan Sisters help to sponsor YTM.

On Friday, too, the last group of guests from Ecuador and Nicaragua returned home after a busy week here in Minnesota. We have Sr. Joan visiting Rodolfo Padella and Mercedes Gonzalez. They came for the Associates 25th Anniversary Celebrations and then spent time visiting the homes of Minnesota Associates and seeing Minnesota sights.

God bless you and continue to care for you.


Sister Mary Lou

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