February 21, 2011

Well, the dirty snow banks don’t show anymore! It was quite late in the day when the snow started here in Little Falls. And when it started it meant business! I pray for the safety of all who HAVE to be out in this kind of weather. I hope this blizzard doesn’t interfere with too many plans.

Saturday night at 11:18 p.m. our dear Sister Marguerite Barbeln, age 86, left us and went to heaven. Not too long ago she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she chose not to seek treatment. She was a gentle and quiet person with a good sense of humor. She was very patient in her suffering and was so ready to meet the Lord. May she be enjoying life with the Lord. Sr. Marguerite, pray for us.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week we are having a furniture sale and clothing exchange. When I took this picture a few days ago, items were starting to collect. Many things will have new homes and many people will be happy with their new treasures.

This coming Saturday morning there will be a group of CCD students and parents at the Motherhouse for a tour. For many this is the first time they ever visited the Motherhouse.

We show them the Chapel and explain the large San Damiano Crucifix and it’s importance to us Franciscans. We also show them the Library and explain to them how we made the altar breads that become the Body of Jesus at Mass. This was a ministry our Sisters did for over 100 years. Now we no longer bake the wafers, but we order them and then distribute them to over 100 churches and hospitals, mostly in Minnesota. At the end of the tour the students usually go to the dining room for a little snack. They like that part, too.

This past weekend we had eleven couples here for the Marriage Encounter. Next weekend we will have a group from Anoka, MN here for a Stephen Ministry experience. That is such a good program to train parishioners to mentor those in need of a friend in tough times.

A couple times a year the Employees and Sisters serve a meal at Oasis Share-a-Meal at First Lutheran Church here in town. This is a free meal to any and everyone who comes to the Church. Usually it is about 60 people who come. It is a wonderful opportunity for good food and fellowship. Our kitchen staff makes the meal, with donations of ingredients from the Employees and Sisters. And then we go, too, to the Church to serve the meal. I have helped many times and it is a good experience.

I forgot one item that I had intended t o include in last week’s blog. On the opening night of our meetings a week ago, each of us received a lovely bronze medal of our Community Logo. The Tau Cross is in the center. St. Francis signed his name by using the Tau symbol.

God bless you and keep safe.

Sister Mary Lou

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sister Mary Lou Eltgroth,
It was hard to find you. Didn't know that you were "Life at the Convent". I didn't read your page yet, just trying hard to find you. Thanks for prayer on Feb. 5th & again with the ornament. We needed the prayers as on the 6th our daugh. told us they were divorcing after 27 yrs. of Marriage, and 3 grown kids. Linda said there was emotional abuse, getting worse. Has to leave. So we did feel badly. Today is our 36 yr.old son's b.day, in Texas. Our 5th child and we miss him greatly. I wish you the best, and will continue to write. My e-mail is gladreader@comcast.net. Spring is on the way. Gladys Clasemann, class of l954. Write soon. Thanks for prayers, we need them.
Take care. Gladys