August 24, 2010: Feast of St. Louis

It looks like we will have a week mostly of sunshine and no rain. We did have ½ inch of rain last night. Crops are looking so good. I do appreciate this lower humidity.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we have a one-day type O Blood Drive in St. Francis Hall…1 –7 p.m. Call 632-.0663 for appointments.

Wednesday is also the Feast of St. Louis of France. Born in 1214, he became King of France at age 21. He sought to rule by Gospel standards. He was a solicitous father to his children and a devout Third Order Franciscan. He died of typhus in 1270. He is the patron of the Third Order…so he is also our patron. St. Louis, pray for us.

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of employee Carol Schirmers. They looked so happy.

Then on Sunday two of us went to her brothers’ farm near Pierz, MN to see cows being milked by robots. Quite different than when I milked cows using the bucket milking machine we had when I was a kid. They milk 217 cows and have four robots that do all the milking…milking goes on 24-hours a day. Computers play an important part in this work. Computers recognize the cow’s collar number, record the poundage of milk given by each teat, when the cow was last milked and other information. Amazing.

At the north edge of the south woods on our property, we have a lovely, quiet meditation garden. Sister Mary Matthias’ sister, Kay, started work on this garden some years ago. Now Bev looks after the garden and makes it a beautiful spot. Thank you, ladies.

The other day the Sisters and Employees finished another puzzle. Now they are working on another puzzle. There is always one on the table where one can spend a few minutes or a few hours.

Friday we have a bilingual liturgy in remembrance of Dom Helder Camera of Brazil. We have a bilingual liturgy four times a year.

God bless and care for you.
Sister Mary Lou

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Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to visit the Peace/Meditation Garden. It is a "work in progress." Thank you for including it in your special blog. There will be additional meditation areas in the Spring.