August 2, 2010

July was a rainy month. I think I heard we had over 5 inches of rain. And now on the second day of the month, we’ve already had over ½ inch with more to come in the next couple days. There are two days this week in which we do NOT want rain.

We don’t want rain on Wednesday, the 4th. That is the day of the Green Fair Folk Festival—4 to 8 p.m. on the west side of St. Francis Convent. There will be lots of activities for both young and old. Last year we had over 800 people attend.

The other day we do not rain is Saturday, the 7th, the day when volunteers will paint seven homes in Morrison County as part of the Paint-A-Thon. The Franciscan Sisters provide cinnamon and caramel rolls for the 6:46 a.m. breakfast at First United Church.

Last Thursday word came that a U.S. Marine, who died and would be buried at Camp Ripley, would be going through Little Falls on Highway 76 at 1:30 p.m. A number of us Sisters and Employees paid our respects by standing at the roadside as the procession passed by. God bless him and give comfort to his family.

Last week the Franciscan Federation had their annual meeting in Buffalo, NY. Six of our Sisters attended the meeting. Sister Grace received an award. The message was: Passionately Embracing Gospel Living / Annual Federation Conference, July 30, 2010 / Buffalo, NY / Gratefully celebrating Sister Grace Skwira, OSF / * for being alive with passion, * for allowing the light to shine with radiance, transparency, clarity and optimism, * for being a beacon of light to others, especially the marginalized, * for being a witness to the challenge and power of gospel values in daily living. Ramona Miller, OSF, President and Ann Lyons, fssj, Execuitive Director, Franciscan Federation. Congratulations, Sister.

Sunday, the 8th, we will celebrate the 50th Jubilees of Sister Lorraine Olmscheid and Bernice Rieland, and the 75th Jubilees for Sisters Marcelline Virnig, Bernarda Sanoski and Alice Rudnicki. Congratulations, Sisters. It is good to recognize a total of 325 years of service to Community and to the Church.

Yesterday a number of us went to Royalton, MN to help Bernie and Marcy Gallus celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Marcy was the Director of the Housekeeping Department at the Motherhouse for many years. Congratulations, Marcy and Bernie, for being an example of faithfulness to your marriage vows for 50 years.

God bless and continue to care for you. May you stay safe and healthy.
Sister Mary Lou


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