Veterans' Day

God bless all Veterans, living and deceased. Thank you for your services to our country and for all the rest of us. My prayers are for you as I think about the sacrifices you made for us.

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. That’s about all there has been these days. Last Saturday we had our Little Falls Regional meeting. And today I have four of them!

The Red Cross Bloodmobile drive last week was a grand success. Our goal was 260 units…we received 269. Thanks, generous donors. Others lives will be better because of the gift of your life-blood.

Last evening I was invited to dinner with friends. We had grilled venison from Saturday’s successful hunt. It was delicious. Thanks. (As I was getting up this morning, I was thinking, “They are almost ready to go to work.”)

The weather prophets today talk about rain, freezing rain and snow today in parts of our state. I’d be willing to have it delayed for a while yet!

Be safe and have a good week.
Pax et Bonum
Sister Mary Lou

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