October 20, 2008

Peace and blessings as we begin a new week.

I’m glad I make a list so I can, hopefully, remember items I wish to include in this writing.

Last Friday I attended the Vatican Splendors exhibit at the Minnesota History Center Museum in St. Paul. What a wonderful event. There were so many artifacts to see and so much history to hear and read. I rented the listening device so I could hear about the things I was looking at. I did, also, purchase the booklet, so I am going back to reread and read more about what I saw on the walk through the exhibit. I’m so glad I went and I’d encourage you to do so, also.

After lunch, we went to the Minnesota Public Radio station for a tour. What an interesting place. When we went to the library, the question was asked, “How many CDs do you have here?” The answer: About 60,000. That’s a lot. We met a couple on-air announcers and saw lots of the broadcasting studios. As we left, each person was given a book. I received In Search of a Confident FAITH—overcoming barriers to trusting in God by J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler. I’m looking forward to reading my new book.

One thing I’ve been watching is the five one-gallon jars of dill pickles sitting in the sunshine out in the courtyard getting ready for eating. This is Sister Ruth’s second batch. I missed eating any of those in the first batch. I’ll be ready when these next ones are ready. She said they are good.

Friday evening a couple of us went to Brainerd to attend the Geritol Frolics musical at the Franklin Arts Center What a delightful couple hours of humor, song and dance. The youngest performer was 61 and the oldest was 87. So it’s the senior citizens doing the work! And they do a delightful job of it. The first performance was in 1987. Next year the dates are Oct. 15-18 and 22-25. Remember…You are as young as you act. You are as young as you feel!!!

Last Saturday was the Orphan Train Reunion at the Motherhouse. In two years it will be the 50th anniversary of these reunions. Our 96-year-young Sister Justina was an Orphan Train rider many long years ago. From 1854-1929, an estimated 250,000 children born in New York rode orphan trains to find new homes with families throughout the United States. There were six orphan train riders and about seventy family and friends of riders with us for the day’s events. Check out Orphan Train on Google to find out more information. I’d never heard of the Orphan Train until I heard Sister Justina talking about her orphan train ride and how she found her new family. She is the one who started these Orphan Train Reunions.

Sunday afternoon the KCs served cake and ice cream to the Sisters at the Motherhouse. It is always fun to visit with our brother Knights. They have been doing this for many years. God bless you, KCs. Thank you for all the good work you do.

Sunday afternoon, also, there was an Open House in Waite Park at our newest house which is also the Novitiate for our Community. We have one novice and one postulant at this time. Many Sisters attended the open house. And it was a beautiful day for a ride!

There are two Franciscan TOR priests, Fathers Gregory and Jude, studying at St. John’s. Today Benedictine, Father Michael, our chaplain, brought them to the Motherhouse. One presided at Mass today and the other will come on Wednesday for Mass. Fr. Michael is the acolyte to assist them if necessary. They speak good English. It is always a good reminder that the Church is universal and that there are Franciscans serving all over the world.

This noon as I looked down the first floor corridor at St. Francis Center, I knew that the Development Office was getting ready for the annual Christmas Appeal. What was the clue? It was the long line of tables from one end of the hallway to the other, all set up for the volunteers who will come the next three days to put addresses on and then stuff some 17,000 envelopes. These many cartons of envelopes will be sent to the post office about the middle of November. We will be ready!

Lots of people are busy raking leaves. Many leaves from our big oak trees are in our neighbor’s yard, but today they are all blowing back our way. It’s only right that we get them back!

Pax et Bonum (Peace and all Good),
Sister Mary Lou

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