October 14, 2008

How beautiful the colored leaves are…and they seem to be falling like rain carpeting the earth with their crunchiness. It is interesting to me that some trees are barren while some are half clothed and others keep their leaves hanging on tight.

Last weekend was busy. On Saturday I attended the SFO Regional Fall Gathering at St. Patrick’s Church in Inver Grove Heights. Our Speaker was Dr. Catherine Cory, an instructor at St. Thomas College. Her topic was, “Paul for Today.” This is the year of St. Paul, so I’ve heard a few talks on St. Paul, his life and his works. Each one is interesting and gives me new information about St. Paul. Paul’s writings in the New Testament are arranged from longest to shortest and not in chronological order. Dr. Cory showed us some classic pictures of Paul. The similarities are that he was short, bald and had a beard. Paul’s conversion experience transformed him into a man zealous for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday’s big event was Associate Day. New Associate, Kathy Brusso made her commitment as a Franciscan Associate. Sister Gloria Haider is her Sister companion. All other Associates present made a renewal of their commitment. After the Liturgy, we shared in a great dinner. It was a good day. Associate Maxine Strege shared her Franciscan journey via a power point presentation.

Also, Sunday afternoon, the Heartland Symphony Orchestra had a concert at Charles D. Martin Auditorium. It was called “A Dark and Stormy Concert”, since it is nearing Halloween. My favorite pieces were Hector Berlioz’s March to the Scaffold and the Thunder and Lightening Polka by Johann Strauss, Jr. The next two concerts are December 14, 2008 and April 5th, 2009.

Yesterday, Columbus Day, with no mail delivery, the Housekeeping staff was busy scrubbing carpets and floors and other cleaning tasks in the mailroom. God bless them for their work in keeping our home clean and in good repair.

This morning Sister Moe was very busy making grape jam. There are 12 jars cooling on the counter in the second kitchen. It was fun hearing the lids pop as the jars sealed. I haven’t heard that sound for some time.

Thursday morning there will be a farewell reception for our Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, Sisters Alice and Beatrice, who will be returning to their convent in Africa after living and working with us here in Little Falls the past two years. We thank them for being here. We will miss them both at the Motherhouse.

I am looking forward to my trip on Friday to the Minnesota History Center to see the display of Treasures From the Vatican. There will be over 200 extraordinary objects of history from the Vatican and Vatican museums. This is our chance to see items rarely displayed to the public. The exhibition comprises one of the largest Vatican collections ever to tour North America.

On October 9th, in San Rafael, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, there was a ceremony of Reception for Maria Isabel Berrones Morales. This means we have another candidate who wishes to become a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, MN. Congratulations and welcome, Isabel.

Enjoy fall and may the farmers get their crops harvested without accidents or rain delays!

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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