June 5, 2017

We are into summer big-time. It is sunny and 80+ degrees outside as I write this article. Next January we dream of these days.

Last week Sully Gwast had a “Show and Tell” event here at the Motherhouse. He brought his pet Emu for us to see. He said he bought two eggs and put them in a chicken incubator set at 97 degrees.  Only one egg hatched. Now his bird is three weeks old and about a foot tall, but when it grows up, it will be about five feet tall. I don’t know that I saw an emu before. It is the second largest bird in Australia.

On Saturday the MN Farmers Union women had their annual meeting in St. Francis Hall. There were about 40 women and a few men in attendance. God bless these women for the good works they do. Farm women and men work hard to produce the food we enjoy. Thank you for your labor. I pray daily for favorable weather for a good growing season.

Sister Cordy Korkowski, director of Donor Relations, awarded two Sister Judine Cassidy Scholarships to two CEC students on May 25, 2017. Shania Rossum will be attending Central Lakes College in Brainerd and will be enrolled full time in the Horticulture Program. The second scholarship recipient, Nattalie Cluever, is set to attend Central Lakes College in Brainerd as well. She will be enrolled in the Dental Assistant Program.. Laura Dunlap, director of the CEC (Continuing Education Center) program expressed gratitude for the gift from the Franciscan Sisters and acknowledged the Franciscan Sisters at the event in appreciation for their interest and support of the CEC program.  For MANY years this program took place at what was St. Francis High School, now known as St. Francis Center.

Tuesday through Thursday we will be hosting “Girls Camp.” Girls and leaders will set up their tents in Assisi Park, south of the Motherhouse buildings. Sounds like the weather will be great. Pictures next week.

We have a couple acres of land plowed and used for Community Gardens. The plots are planted and cared for by those who would not otherwise have a spot for a garden. This is the scariest scare crow out there. And this hill of beans is growing nicely.

God bless you these summer days.
Sister Mary Lou

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