I just googled  “History of May Day.” Very interesting. Check it out.

It is also the Feast of Saint Joseph, the Worker. As St. Joseph cared for and supported his family, I pray today for all fathers who care for and support their families. St. Joseph, care for all fathers and mothers who care for their families and their extended families. Give them the strength and energy to do the job well.

 We woke up this morning to see a couple inches of snow covering the green grass and everything else, too. That is not what I expected to see.
Friday evening we had two concerts in Sacred Heart Chapel. The advanced group played VERY well also, and were fun to listen to…and those who started lessons recently also played very well.  I marvel at the talent of so many musicians and am happy they can get lessons at St. Francis Music Center.

Tonight is the “Taste of St. Cloud” fundraiser. This event helps support our Franciscan Volunteers Program. It is always such a fun event…and so much good food!  All who attend always have a wonderful time…and never go away hungry. The vendors get good publicity, too.

Today and tomorrow the Diocesan Pastoral Associates are having a couple retreat days at St. Francis Center. I am happy that we have the space to host such events.

Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. We all know that our Nation and its people can use lots of prayers.

Thursday evening we are having our Volunteer Appreciation dinner. We are very grateful for all our wonderful volunteers. They assist us in so many ways. And just as I started to type the last sentence, a lady with her beautiful dog, Thor. The lady said they got the dog a year and a half ago when they moved to MN…and they thought that would be a good name for here in the north-country.

Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. the St Francis Chorale will present their Spring Concert in Sacred Heart Chapel. I know it will be a delight for our ears.

May the Lord bless you.

Sister Mary Lou

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