November 14, 2016

One quick glance out the window and one gets then feeling of a true fall day—overcast  and chilly…

This is National Bible Week.  How about opening the Good Book and reading a few pages? 

Well, elections are over and now it is for us to pray for those elected…that they carry out their duties…keeping in mind the common good in both their actions and directives.

While going through “stuff” the other day, I came across the following: 
                               Psalm 201
O Lord, You have probed me and You know me.
You know when I eat and when I don’t.
You understand my weight from afar.
My fastings and my feasts You scrutinize
Even before   a bite is in my mouth, behold,
O Lord, You know the whole of it.

Where can I go from Your Spirit?
From Your Presence, where can flee?
If I go to the pantry, You are there!
If I settle at the farthest limits of the refrigerator, even there You are!

O Lord, my weight is always before me.
You have formed my inmost being.
And I have shaped the rest.
My frame is not unknown to You.
Your eyes have seen my diets.
In Your Book they are all written,
My perseverance was limited before one of them existed.

How weighty are your designs, O God.
Mine, too!
Probe me, O God, and know my weight.
See if my path is slim.
And lead me in the way of starvation!
(Based somewhat on Psalm 139)

A fact you might NOT need to know:  November 28th is the birthday of Mickey Mouse. (Born in 1928)

This coming Sunday (November 20th, has many titles: 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Closing of the Holy Year, Feast of Christ the King,

Of all the deciduous trees on campus have lost their leaves except this one in the cemetary. These pretty purple flowers are still hanging in there too!

Peace and God’s blessings on you and those you love.

Sister Mary Lou

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