October 24, 2016

Good morning, good people.  I believe this greeting is attributed to St. Francis.  May it be a good day and a good week for you.

Over the weekend a group of about 25 ladies were at Saint Francis Center for a couple retreat days.  They joined us for Mass and brunch on Sunday.  We are happy to share our space with our guests.

Life is falling back into a regular pace after our week of meetings last week.  I always enjoy our time together…but is good to get back to the regular routine again.

Sunday afternoon the KCs served cake and ice cream to the Sisters.  They do this every year on a Sunday near Columbus Day.  Thank you, gentlemen, for the tasty treat and for your friendship.  God bless you.

A Blood Drive takes place in Saint Francis Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday (1:00-7 p.m.) (October 25 & 26) and Thursday (8: a.m. to 2 p.m.).  Thank you, generous donors.  You are life savers.

Peace and blessings.
Sister Mary Lou

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