September 19, 2016

Welcome to a new week.  Autumn begins on Thursday…and in three months we will be in the week before Christmas.  As I type, we have a blue-skied, sunny day…a perfect fall day.  We had about three inches of rain from last Thursday through yesterday.  Lawns and ditches are still so green.  (Not the usual sight for this time of year,)     

We celebrated Donor Day yesterday and it was a wonderful day.  I think we had about 200 guests for Mass, dinner and the program.  It was great to see so many friends join us for the day.  Thank You for your generosity.  This Durby Hat from Peru was one of the table decorations.

Another of the decorations was the “Mother General’s Purse.  It was used in the early days of our community.  Sister Adella Bloigan is holding the purse.

Father Bob Kieffer was presider at the Mass. Deanna Boone, Director of Community
Relations, gave the welcome remarks.

Sister Maurita Bernet and Joan Wingert, our Liturgy director, wrote a special 125th Anniversary Hymn.  Here are the words:
1    Walking the way that Jesus taught, Francis said, “Yes, that’s what I want,.”Many followed through   the ages.  It was in eighteen ninety-one a new group of women was begun.  Sixteen women,   Alleluia! Come and follow!   Alleluia, Alleluia.

        Orphans and elders, homeless. too:  Teaching and nursing:  how it grew!  Farming followed,  Alleluia!  Gardens and flowers, all with care.  Sisters out begging everywhere.  To the margins, the forgotten, with compassion, lots of prayer, Alleluia. 

        Spirit alive around the Earth sharing the joys of new birth.  Many places, diff’rent faces.  To many states the Spirit led, then far beyond the Good News spread:  South America, then to Central, on to Asia, and then Africa!  Alleluia!

       “Go,” says the Spirit ,”I will lead,”  Into a future still in need,  Endless caring, ever daring, we’ll follow joyfully, no fear!  Where love is calling loud and clear:  Alleluia, Alleluia!  Alleluia, Alleluia!  Alleluia!

As I type, I am listening tio Sister Bea Eichten being interviewed on the local radio station on KLTF’s Party Line program.  She is talking about our 125th anniversary, the upcoming Michael Joncas, David Haas, Marty Haugen concert on September 30th, some of our history and other topics.

The Orphan Train Gathering is on Saturday, the 24th.  Our Sister Justina Bieganek, now deceased, was herself an Orphan Train Rider long ago and was instrumental in getting this reunion up and running.  This is the 56th reunion.  Welcome.
This is about all I know for this week.  Enjoy fall.
God bless you and continue to care for you.

Sister Mary Lou

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