August 15, 2016                   Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed  Virgin Mary

Today is the 100th Birthday of Sister Bernarda Sanoski.  We had a big party for her yesterday.  Congratulations, Sister.  May God continue to bless and care for you.  Here are a few pictures from the day.  The family gave this beautiful vestment  to the Franciscan Sisters in honor of Sr. Bernarda.

Yesterday I went to the 8:30. Mass at West Union, MN.  Father Norbert Gans, originally from West Union, was the presider at the Mass and was celebrating his 60th Ordination anniversary as a Trappist Priest.  He’s spent 56 of these years as a missionary in Chile.

Bishop Taban from South Sudan—Peace Village, was presider at our Feast Day Eucharist this morning.  The 80 year-old Bishop joined us for lunch and then talked to us about what he and his group is doing to bring peace to groups in South Sudan, a region known for cattle raiding, civil war and other conflicts.  His message is: “Peace be with you…violence should be avoided.  Violence cannot solve our problems.  Violence gives birth to violence and not to PEACE.  We pray for the unknown, pray for what is beyond our human capacity.  Only God is eternally perfect, Who knows all things and Who lasts forever.  Let us love one another, as God loves us.  Let us stop killing human beings for POWER, and for the WORLDLY WEALLTH.”

Caught  in the act…when I returned to my room after lunch today, I saw Sisters Bernarda, Maureen and Annella very busily folding towels for use here on second floor.

Archives pulled out this picture from August 1, 2006, after a string of days of very hot weather when some Sisters fried and egg on the hot sidewalk!

We had about 4 ½ inches of rain last Thursday.  Our sandy soil can take that much rain, but for many place that much rain caused some big problems.

Have a good week.
Peace and blessings,

Sister Mary Lou

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