July11, 2016                                                                                 Feast of Saint Benedict

Saturday we had an Open House to celebrate our Community’s 125th Anniversary.  We had 250 plus guests come to share the afternoon with us.  It was a joy-filled day. This patch of beautiful flowers, right outside our front door, greeted our guests.

Right now as I type, it is raining VERY hard.  Since the rains started Saturday evening, we’ve had about 7 inches of rain. The grass, trees, flowers and gardens are happy for this blessing from the Lord.  Our sandy soil can use this rain.

I found a couple of the displays that Archives put up very informative.  One thing I learned was the Franciscan Sisters have owned/managed 19 hospitals from 1891 to 1993. 

The Franciscan Sisters administered and staffed 16 elementary schools and one high school.  Undertaking the parochial elementary school ministry, brought the congregation full-circle back to the experience of the Founding Sisters who were elementary school teachers.  The Sisters also taught in Catechetical ministry, where they would teach 2 to 4 weeks each summer preparing students for First Confession, First Communion and

Another display listed all the international countries where the Franciscan Sisters have served: Ecuador, Thailand, Africa, Belgium, Chile, Yemen, Vietnam, Egypt, England, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, Kenya, Homa Bay, Guatemala, Bolivia, Italy and Peru.

One of the many displays was of some of the items used in by-gone days.  Most of us remember the big frying pan used to fry potatoes when we had a picnic day at our farm 7 miles west of Little Falls.

On Sunday, Sister Tonie opened the Art Room for the Sisters to see the displays set up in there.  (We were all at our assigned posts on Saturday so couldn’t get there on Saturday.)  We saw pictures painted by our Sisters.  This was painted by sister Cecilia Richards, who died in 1944.   Another thing I saw was this beautiful wooden woven basket.  The Art Room is next to the Music Center.  They have the hallway decorated with streamers of musical notes.

Here we have Sister Fabian Schneider on her 101st Birthday.  What a marvel of a lady—up and around every day.

Last week Sister Patrice Kiefer presented the Thursday noon enLUNCHment program.  She talked about her life and her ministry in health care work.  (It’s great to hear about this from Sister, before we read about it after the Sister dies.)

Blessings on the activities of your week.

Sister Mary Lou

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