Many reflections these past weeks...

Here I am again. I never did get my writing for last week completed, so I just decided to start afresh today. These weeks are packed with activities. We are into the Second Week of Advent. I have read some great Advent reflections on the beautiful Sacred Scripture readings for the Mass these Advent days.

On December 1st, we honored Sister Irenemaree who became a United States Citizen on November 18th. Congratulations, Sister. A group of Sisters entertained us with an Australian Song.

On December 4th, we celebrated Sr. Annella Bieniek’s 90th birthday. Many family and friends joined us for the afternoon treat in the dining room.

Saturday’s Advent Day of Reflection was led by David Liedl. Each of the reflection presentation showed how we can get a deeper sense of God by seeing and taking note of Where we find God in out day –to-day living. God is faithful. We need to tone down the noise so we can hear/see how God is showing Himself to us through others how we can serve this loving God. (It was after lunch when I tried a flying lesson in the dining room and landed on the floor with a big thump. I landed on my shoulder. No broken bones, but soreness now a few days and my right arm is getting stronger with more movement and less pain each day.)

Saturday was the Feast of St. Nicholas. Those of us from German descent probably have memories of St. Nick coming to our childhood home. St. Nicholas brought us kids salted peanuts in the shell and an orange or apple, as I remember it. We would be doing our homework at the kitchen table and there would be big ruckus on the porch. Then we’d find our bag of goodies. My sister, Cecelia, made this St Nick for me quite a few years ago. He comes out of the box for December 6th and stays around until after Christmas.

The St. Francis Music Center presented the Choral Christmas concert, “Christmas Candlelight Carols”, on Sunday December 7th. The music was wonderful. The St. Francis Children’s Choir added a special something to the evening performance. Those 12 girls really know how to open their mouths and sing out. I think some people stayed home because of the impending bad roads and weather conditions.

This coming Friday night, December 12th, the St. Francis Music Center will present their Orchestra Concert. This too, is a great event and wonderful entertainment. Thank you, young and older, who share your musical talent with us.

Monday we celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This is the patronal feast for our religious community—so Mass and meals are very special times of getting together for prayer and visiting.

Friday is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. The many Sisters who have been missioned in Central and South America and with the Hispanics in the USA, have helped us have a deeper appreciation of this feast. Just this afternoon I read a good article on Our Lady of Guadalupe that helps me see the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of so many people.

Lion’s Club member will come sing Christmas carols for us on Thursday and then we will join them for pizza after the singing. It’s always a good time.

“Caring by Sharing” is an event that has happened here for a number of years. The different departments make up baskets and boxes of wonderful items. Employees, Sisters and others buy $1.00 tickets and put them in the box of their choice. On December 18th, we will have the drawings of the baskets. Every year the baskets get bigger and better. This year the proceeds will go the Boys and Girls Club here in Little Falls.

I’m sure I’ve missed some of the goings on around here, but this is all I can think of at this time.

Peace and blessings on you this Second Week of Advent.

Sister Mary Lou

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