Take time for quiet time...

God bless all Veterans—living and deceased. Thank you for your service. You are remembered in our prayers today and many other times, too. There was a ceremony at 11:11 a.m yesterday morning at Bank Square here in Little Falls. Weather-wise, it was chilly—only about 20 degrees.

Saturday evening we had our Harvest Dinner. It was a great success. One number I saw was that we had 475 guests for the delicious meal. It is always so good to see people visiting with family and friends and enjoying a good meal. Thank you for coming.

Our Dining Adventure meal on Wednesday will feature Nebraska. It is always interesting to see what will be on the menu on the day we feature a state.

Please remember our ministries on Give to the Max Day which is this Thursday, November 14.
Seems we will have a more quiet week around here this week. That is good. It does not happen very often—so we will enjoy it.

I hope the deer hunters had a successful weekend. I’ll be happy to have fewer deer on the roads. A couple young deer were enjoying a meal in our apple orchard Saturday morning.

Let us all pray for the victims and rescue workers in the Philippines. So much destruction and hardship for everyone. Thanks to all who are helping in the aftermath of this superstorm.

Pax at Bonum (Peace and all good).
Sister Mary Lou

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