If These Walls Could Speak

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary—Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray us, the needs of the people of our Country and our governmental leaders that they work for the Common Good.

A beautiful fall day is ours, this day. We had a couple inches of rain the past weekend. I was in Browns Valley yesterday. They had lots of rain in the western part of our state…ditches full of water and wet fields, too. I saw many flocks of migrating black birds and lots of birds lined up on the high-line wires. I am grateful that we didn’t get the snow they had in the Black Hills. Pictured are some scenes from around campus.

Thursday evening we had the Transitus Prayer Service in our Chapel. The Transitus is a service that remembers the death of St. Francis and the messages he gave to some of his followers before his death. It is such a prayerful and inspiring presentation. I did get a couple pictures of a few of the actors. Thank you for a great prayer experience.

Our feast of St. Francis was wonderful. We had Morning Prayer together in Chapel followed by a delicious brunch. Many Associates and Secular Franciscans joined us for a festive Mass with a beautiful homily given by Sr. Elise. The extra voices made for great music. In the evening we were treated to a spectacular concert by The Rose Ensemble. This group of about a dozen performers sang us a history of American Blue Grass music. We look forward to their coming back again. The acoustics in our Chapel is great and musicians like to perform there.

Saturday’s big event was hosting the 53rd Orphan Train Reunion. The 100+ attendees came from CA, FL, AZ, MN and many points in between. The program presenters sang songs telling stories of Orphan Train riders and showed slides of many Orphan Train riders. The presenters, from Texas, also did a Program to sold-out crowds, on the 3rd and 6th of October at the Union Depot in St. Paul. The table decorations were train engineer caps with a kerchief similar to what they wore around their necks. A railroad lawyer and engineers have now gotten interested in the history of the Orphan Train Riders and have provided much useful history to the Orphan Train leaders and riders.

Yesterday’s St. Cloud Times had a very nice article on the St. Francis Music Center’s Sestri (“Sisters” in Bohemian) choral group. The group of approximately 20 Sestri members, sing Slavic folk songs in the native languages. Celo V’ec directs the chorus.

Last week, too, was Sr. Jeanne Winter’s funeral. Here are a couple pictures from her memorial boards. Note the card made with pheasant feathers. She also did lots of tatting—an art I have not yet learned. I need someone to show me how to do it.

Some 300 pounds of cabbage were cut up and are now in the crock jars fermenting into sauerkraut. Thank you, Larry for all the cabbage you donated to us. I will think of you each time we have sauerkraut for meals for the next year. If I remember correctly, Sr. Ruth said she made 48 gallons of kraut.

Next week (Sunday afternoon through Wednesday) we will be having Community Meetings and all the Sisters from far and wide will be here. Please keep us in your prayers. The first ones will start arriving tomorrow. It is always good to have everyone here. Lord, give safe travel. Thanks.

Peace and blessings,
Sister Mary Lou

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